Carlingford Music Centre - 320 Pennant Hills Rd 2118 Carlingford - 02 9873 2333
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´┐╝Dear Ned You can have no conception of the joy that beautiful Bernstein, you sold me has brought into my life. Like most parents, I rose to the occasion, whenever my children were in trouble and went without to make their paths smooth. Imagine my astonishment to receive a cheque from one daughter, who had sold her house for more than expected & wanted to repay me - money I'd never dreamed of seeing again. What to do with the windfall? I listen to ABC FM Classic and often hear something I'd like to "have a go at". Hence my Sydney visit and finding your shop full of treasures. You'll remember I had an arm in plaster & as we went from piano to piano, you had to play for me. As soon as your fingers touched the Bernstein, I was in love. When it was delivered, I hauled out a box of music I'd cast aside for about 60 odd years & couldn't play it! So a music teacher was my next port of call. I've learnt more from her in 2 years that the 7 when I was a child. We decided the AMEB schedule was the best way to go & I'm proud to tell you I've just passed grade 7 practical and theory and am going to tackle 8th grade this season. Not bad for a 77yr old eh ? So Ned , thank you from my heart for my heart for my wonderful piano. I've had it tuned & the tuners will come again in 6 months, Even my non-musical neighbours like to hear me "tinkling!" Every good wish Helen Evans
Helen Evans
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Sunday From Novermber to December 2015

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  • Kawai

    We are Australia's Largest Independent Kawai Piano Dealer

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    As well as one of the only Hammond Organ Dealers

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    We stock the Two Biggest and Best Australia Guitar Brands