Washlights and Pars

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Elevate your event's lighting with our comprehensive selection of Washlights and Pars. Sourced from trusted manufacturers, these lights are essential for event planners, theater productions, concerts, and any event requiring professional lighting solutions.

Washlights are designed to flood a space or stage with a uniform intensity of light, thereby 'washing' the area with color. Ideal for setting the mood or emphasizing specific elements on stage, these lights are versatile and easy to control. They can create a wide range of lighting effects, from subtle ambiances for intimate performances to vibrant displays for high-energy concerts.

Par lights, or Parabolic Aluminized Reflectors, are a type of washlight known for their flexibility, ease of use, and powerful output. They are used to spotlight individual performers or areas on stage, create wall washing effects, or provide a general wash of light. Available in a variety of sizes and types, including LED options for energy efficiency, Pars are a mainstay in stage and event lighting.

Whether you're lighting a small stage, a large venue, or creating a specific atmosphere, our selection of Washlights and Pars offer the quality, versatility, and performance you need. By giving you control over color, intensity, and focus, these lights can help you craft the perfect lighting experience for your audience.

Discover our range of Washlights and Pars today, and let your creativity shine through in your next event or production.