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K&K -Pure 12 String- Guitar Pickup

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Capture the true essence of your acoustic performance with our range of Acoustic Guitar Pickups. Designed to amplify the natural, rich tones of your instrument without compromising its acoustic resonance, our selection caters to a variety of preferences and playing styles.

Our collection includes both passive and active pickups, each offering unique benefits. Passive pickups are generally simpler, easy to install, and give a more natural acoustic sound, while active pickups come with a preamp that can boost the signal and offer EQ control, providing a louder, more sculpted output.

From under-saddle pickups that capture the vibrations of the strings over the bridge, to soundhole pickups that pick up the resonance within the guitar body, our variety ensures you find the one that best matches your sonic needs. We also offer contact pickups that attach to the guitar’s surface to pick up its overall resonance, delivering a broad frequency range.

These pickups are crafted from top-quality materials, ensuring longevity and reliable performance. They are designed for easy installation, and many models offer adjustable settings to help you achieve the perfect sound.

Whether you’re playing intimate gigs, recording in a studio, or performing on a large stage, our Acoustic Guitar Pickups will help you project your acoustic guitar’s beautiful, authentic tone with clarity and presence. Explore our selection and find the perfect pickup to amplify your acoustic performance.