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Yamaha DXR8 1100 Watt Powered 8 Inch Speaker Class-D

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Spider V 20 Mkii 20 Watt Modelling Guitar Amp


5.5 kg


7 × 54 × 56 cm

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Jumpstart your musical journey or upgrade your existing setup with our collection of Amplifiers Combos and Packs. These all-in-one solutions offer excellent value and convenience, providing everything you need to plug in, play, and shape your sound to perfection.

Our range of combo amplifiers, available for both guitar and bass, are standalone units that include both the amplifier and speaker in a single enclosure. These are perfect for musicians who desire a compact, easy-to-transport solution without sacrificing tonal quality. From the warm, rich tones of tube combos to the versatile, wide-ranging sounds of solid-state and modeling combos, there’s a combo amp to suit every player’s taste.

For beginners or those seeking a complete, ready-to-play solution, our amplifier packs are the perfect choice. These packs often include a combo amplifier, instrument cable, and various accessories like picks and straps. Some even come with instructional materials to help beginners get started on their musical journey.

From small, practice-friendly combos perfect for bedroom jamming, to larger, gig-ready models that can fill a venue with sound, our collection caters to a wide range of needs. And with offerings from leading brands known for their commitment to quality and reliability, you can trust that you’re getting a great piece of equipment.

Explore our range of Amplifiers Combos and Packs today, and find the perfect one-stop solution to amplify your passion for music.