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B1on Bass Guitar Fx

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Liquifier Analogue Chorus Bass Pedal

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62 × 61 × 9 cm

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Dive into a sea of low-end sonic possibilities with our selection of Bass Guitar Effect Pedals. These pedals are specifically designed to handle the lower frequencies of a bass guitar, giving you the tools to shape your tone, add unique effects, and carve out your place in the mix.

Our range includes essential utility pedals such as preamps and DI boxes that can help to enhance your natural bass tone, offering EQ controls to fine-tune your sound and balance your output. For players seeking a harder edge, we offer distortion, overdrive, and fuzz pedals tailored for bass, capable of delivering everything from a gentle growl to a full-on roar without losing low-end clarity.

For added texture, explore our collection of modulation pedals including chorus, phaser, and flanger units, which can add a rich, swirling depth to your sound. Envelope filters and wah pedals offer funky, expressive tones ideal for groovy basslines.

If you’re looking to expand your creative possibilities, consider our selection of octave, synthesizer, and multi-effects pedals. These can drastically transform your sound, allowing you to dive into sub-octave depths or create synth-like tones. Loop pedals are perfect for bass players who want to layer rhythmic lines and create one-person jams.

Our collection of Bass Guitar Effect Pedals comes from the industry’s top brands, ensuring high-quality sound and reliable performance. Whether you’re a funk maestro, a rock ‘n’ roll powerhouse, or a jazz virtuoso, our selection has the right pedal to help you shape your unique bass sound.