Will I receive the same product that I see in the picture?

Yes. Sometimes the product may have a tiny variance on its colours but that is completely normal due to real-time lighting, handling and etc...

Some products don't have images?

Our site is currently being updated and because we have more than 450.000 products the database takes a while to load and update the items. Everything is being done real-time and the team is always ready to answer your questions! 

How can I return an item?

We are sorry to hear that you had a problem 🙁 but anyway, if you want to start a refund or return of a product you can either call us to the process for with you and assist you through or you can request a refund directly from your account dashboard page! 

In case you bought something without being logged in, that's completely normal and no worries, you can proceed with the 1 step and we will help you out!

Will you restock items indicated as “out of stock?”

Yes! The stock is being updated real-time and because we have such a huge database our warehouse logistics get a little longer than usual. No stress though, we are always updating the website accordingly and you can always request an update in any product that you are anxious or waiting for to become available in stock again, we have the "notify me" in every out of stock product, as soon as you send us the notification we will notify you whenever that product is ready for you to buy it!

Where can I ship my order?

At Carlingford Music Centre we are always looking for ways to improve your user experience in our website as well as in the after-purchase process. When have available two stocks, one in our Store that is called "Collect in Store" inventory and we have the "Online / Warehouse Stock" which goes directly from our warehouse to you. In our store you can choose for Local pickup if you live close and don't want to wait to have your product! In the other hand you can also choose to buy Online from our warehouse, where you can rest and relax while we prepare everything for you! Both methods have a delay before being completed, that may vary from 3-4 days usually.




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