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Bring depth and richness to your music with our wide assortment of Trombones. Known for their robust, brassy sound and iconic slide action, Trombones are a vital component of jazz ensembles, symphony orchestras, marching bands, and many other music genres.

Our collection features a range of Trombones from top-quality brands, ensuring excellent sound production, durability, and overall performance. Whether you’re a beginner stepping into the world of music or a seasoned professional looking for an upgrade, we have a Trombone to suit your specific requirements.

Our range includes Tenor Trombones, the most commonly used variety, which provide a rich, full tone suitable for both solo performances and ensemble playing. We also offer Bass Trombones, which have a larger bell and bore size, allowing for lower notes and a fuller, deeper sound.

For beginners and younger players, we provide Alto Trombones, smaller and lighter in design, which make it easier to hold and play. Additionally, our Valve Trombones, popular in jazz music, replace the traditional slide with valves for changing pitch, offering a unique playing experience.

Each Trombone in our selection is meticulously crafted, providing excellent intonation, comfortable playability, and a pleasing aesthetic. We also offer Trombones with various finishes such as lacquer or silver, allowing you to choose a look that matches your style.

Beyond the instruments themselves, we offer a selection of Trombone accessories, including mouthpieces of different sizes and materials, cases for secure transportation and storage, mutes for altering the sound output, and cleaning kits to maintain your instrument’s condition.

Explore our Trombone collection today, and elevate your music to new levels of sound and expression.


Jupiter Jtb730a Trombone (Upgraded Jtb500a) 700 Series

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Jupiter Jtb1150f Trombone Rotary Bb/f 1100 Series

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Jupiter Jtb1100f Trombone Rotary Bb/f 1100 Series (New 536l)

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Jupiter Jtb1180 Trombone Bass 1100 Series (New 740l) (Tba Price)

SKU: JTB1180
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Jupiter Jtb1100rq Trombone Bb 1100 Series Rose Brass, Backpack Case New (532)

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