Wireless Mics

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Explore our collection of Wireless Mics, perfect for performers, presenters, and content creators who value the freedom of untethered audio capture. Our selection offers top-tier sound quality, ease of use, and most importantly, the liberty to move without the restrictions of cables.

The wireless microphones in our collection cater to a broad range of applications, from live performances and public speaking to video recording and broadcasting. We stock various types such as handheld, lavalier, headset, and instrument wireless mics, each designed to meet specific use-case scenarios.

Our handheld wireless mics are perfect for singers, speakers, and interviewers. The lavalier and headset microphones, discreet and lightweight, are great for theater productions, presentations, or video shoots, where hands-free operation is essential. Our instrument wireless mics are a favorite among musicians for their ability to capture the nuances of various instruments.

We stock wireless systems operating on a variety of frequencies, including UHF and digital, to ensure uninterrupted, crystal-clear audio transmission even in environments with potential signal interference. Many of our wireless mics feature built-in rechargeable batteries, providing hours of use and reducing the environmental impact.

Additional features like adjustable gain settings, mute functionality, and multi-channel operation allow for a tailored audio experience. Some models also come with portable receivers, which can be easily connected to PA systems, recording devices, or DSLRs.

Dive into our range of Wireless Mics today and liberate your performances from the constraints of cables while enjoying premium sound quality and ultimate mobility.