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1600w Dual Output Fog Machine

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Create an unforgettable visual experience with our top-tier range of Haze Machines. Sourced from industry-leading manufacturers, these devices are designed to add depth and dimension to your lighting, enhancing every performance and event.

Haze machines produce a fine, barely visible mist that fills a room evenly, making them an ideal tool for any lighting designer or event producer. By scattering light and making beams visible, they can transform a regular light show into a spectacular, immersive experience.

Whether you're hosting a concert, staging a play, or simply throwing a party, haze machines can significantly enrich the ambiance. Their effect is subtle yet powerful, enhancing mood without creating a smoky, obstructive atmosphere.

Our collection of haze machines is suitable for a wide range of venue sizes and types. From compact, portable units for smaller venues to high-output machines for larger spaces, we have a solution for every requirement.

Browse through our Haze Machines range and add a professional touch to your lighting setup. By generating an atmospheric haze, you can highlight the beauty of your lighting, create depth on stage, and deliver an engaging, memorable experience to your audience