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Slide into new sonic territories with our assortment of Guitar Sliders. These tools, typically made of glass, metal, or ceramic, are worn on one of your fingers and ‘slide’ along the strings to create smooth, continuous notes known as glissandos. A staple in blues and country music, sliders open up a world of new techniques and tones for any guitarist.

Our collection of sliders caters to different styles and tonal preferences. Glass sliders deliver a warm, smooth tone and are popular for their comfortable feel and traditional vibe. Metal sliders, usually made from stainless steel or brass, produce a bright, resonant tone with extra sustain, preferred by many for their projection and durability. Ceramic sliders offer a balance between the two, with a smooth, warm tone and the durability of metal.

The size and shape of the slider are also important considerations. We offer sliders in various lengths, diameters, and internal shapes to fit different fingers and playing styles. Whether you’re looking for a short, lightweight slide for fast, bluesy licks or a heavy, large slide for deep and resonant tones, our range has an option for you.

Whether you’re a slide veteran or a curious beginner, our collection of Guitar Sliders has something to offer everyone. Expand your playing style and discover new tones with the perfect slider from our extensive range.