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Our expansive collection of Trumpets, Cornets, and Flugelhorns is designed to meet the needs of musicians at every level, from beginners to professionals. We offer high-quality instruments from trusted brands, guaranteeing excellent intonation, ease of play, and lasting durability.

Trumpets: One of the oldest musical instruments in the world, the Trumpet is known for its bright and piercing sound. Our range includes student models perfect for beginners, intermediate models for advancing players, and professional models for seasoned musicians. Choose from Bb Trumpets, the most common type, C Trumpets, popular in orchestral music, or specialty Trumpets like Piccolo and Bass Trumpets.

Cornets: If you’re looking for a brass instrument with a mellower and more rounded sound, consider our Cornets. They are traditionally used in brass bands and are an excellent choice for younger players due to their compact size. We offer Bb Cornets, which are standard for band performance, and Eb Cornets, often used for solo repertoire and high parts in brass bands.

Flugelhorns: Known for their dark and rich tone, Flugelhorns are used in a variety of music genres, including jazz, pop, and classical. Our Flugelhorns come with a larger bore and bell compared to Trumpets and Cornets, offering a unique, warm sound.

Each instrument in our collection is built for optimal sound production and comfortable playability. Choose from different finishes like gold lacquer, silver-plated, or brushed brass to match your personal style.

We also offer a wide range of accessories for your brass instruments, such as mouthpieces, mutes, stands, cases, and cleaning kits to ensure your instrument remains in top condition.

With our selection of Trumpets, Cornets, and Flugelhorns, you’ll find the right instrument to express your musical voice. Explore our collection today, and let your music resound.

Trumpets / Cornets and Flugelhorns

Jupiter Jtr700q Trumpet 700 Series, Backpack Case

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Jupiter Jtr710 Pocket Trumpet 700 Series (New 516l)

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Jupiter Jfh1100rq Flugelhorn 1100 Performance Series Rose Brass

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Jupiter Jcr700 Cornet 700 Series

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Neo Baritone Ybh831s

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