Piano Tuning and Servicing

Servicing your piano on a regular basis will not only preserve the quality of your instrument but will also ensure it is functioning at its optimal potential and will lower costly future repairs.

In addition to providing a tuning and maintenance service covering most areas of Sydney

Carlingford Music Centre’s Piano Technicians can come to you or we can carry out repairs and restorations in well-equipped workshop facilities at the store.

We feel that having on-site technical staff and facilities is an integral part of our business, enabling us to personally stand behind our warranty on second-hand pianos and to offer new piano buyers our exclusive  “Pre-delivery Preparation Guarantee”

The preparation work is Carlingford Music Centre’s promise to provide you with the best piano possible and includes the following tasks:

  • Inspection of New, Refurbished or Used Piano after unpacking from the box.
  • All perimeter bolts on frame tightened.
  • Strings are correctly seated on Bridge and Stretched to settle the string.
  • Regulation and adjustments to factory recommended specification.
  • Professional Tuning to A440 Concert Pitch.
  • Full Voicing for even Tone through the entire keyboard.
  • Buff & Polish of the cabinet.
  • Final Quality checks and warranty paperwork prepared & signed 
This exclusive preparation guarantee provides you with benefits like:
Quality Tone

The hammers of the piano have been voiced to provide the best possible tonal quality from your instrument. Using skilled toning techniques the sound of your new piano will be even through each register from bass to treble.

Precision Touch
Combining the factory specifications and extensive experience of a Master Tuner, the action of the piano is regulated and adjusted to provide the optimum in performance. Each note will respond precisely and evenly giving pleasure to both the beginner and the accomplished pianist.
A Lifetime Investment
When the piano is delivered to your home, you can be confident that this high quality, the precision instrument will perform at its peak and provide musical enjoyment for many years. Because the piano has been carefully prepared by our Master Technicians, you can be confident of your purchase from Carlingford Music Centre
What this all means to you

As a piano buyer, new or second hand, you need to be assured of the immediate and continuing performance of your instrument. As you will read from the link below, all major piano manufacturers are virtually saying the same thing, stressing the importance of first year tuning and piano stability.

Your Carlingford Music Centre Service and Preparation Warranty mirrors piano manufacturers’ specifications, which is one of the reasons Carlingford Music Centre is one of Australia’s most respected piano retailers.
Carlingford Music Centre’s exclusive Tuning set up preparation guarantee is available on all new KAWAI, PETROF pianos and selected used instruments like Bechstein, Steinway, Yamaha.

Contact us today and get your piano serviced!