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Immerse yourself in the deep, expressive world of our Saxophone collection, featuring an extensive range of the finest saxophones, handpicked for both budding musicians and seasoned professionals.

Our collection spans across all types of saxophones, including the mellow-toned alto saxophones, the popular tenor saxophones known for their vibrant sound, and the grand baritone saxophones that command the lower register. For those looking to start their saxophone journey, our soprano saxophones offer a smaller, manageable size without compromising the rich, full-bodied sound.

We source our saxophones from renowned music manufacturers, committed to delivering quality instruments. Crafted with precision, our saxophones offer exceptional tonal quality, reliable intonation, and smooth key action. Whether you play jazz, classical, or contemporary music, these saxophones deliver outstanding performance, enabling you to articulate your musical vision with clarity.

For the young learners or those starting their saxophone journey, our collection includes beginner-friendly saxophones, thoughtfully designed to offer easy playability and comfort. They feature sturdy construction and helpful finger guides, providing the perfect foundation for mastering the instrument.

We also cater to advanced players with our premium range of professional saxophones. These instruments offer a higher level of craftsmanship, with features like hand-engraved bells, premium pads, and custom necks. They deliver superior sound projection, warm and rounded tonality, and exceptional responsiveness.

Our saxophones come in a variety of finishes, including the classic gold lacquer, the sleek silver-plated, and the vintage-inspired matte finish. Each saxophone includes a durable case for protection, a mouthpiece, and necessary cleaning accessories.

Explore our Saxophone collection and find the perfect instrument to express your musical voice and elevate your performance.


Jupiter Jas1100q Alto Saxophone 1100 Series, Backpack Case (New1167gl)

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Jupiter Jss1000q Soprano Saxophone 1000 Series Gold, Backpack Case

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Jupiter Jts700q Tenor Saxophone 700 Series (New 787gl)

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Jupiter Jts1100sgq Tenor Saxophone 1100 Series Silver Body, Gold Keys, Backpack Case

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Jupiter Jts1100q Tenor Saxophone 1100 Series Gold, Backpack Case

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Jupiter Jss1100sgq Soprano Saxophone 1100 Series Silver Body, Gold Keys, Backpack Case

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Jupiter Jss1100q Soprano Saxophone 1100 Series Gold, Backpack Case

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Jupiter Jas1167sgfq Alto Saxophone 1100 Series W/ Silver Body & Gold Keys, Backpack Case

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