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Majestic Coa2900 Timpani 29 Inch Cambered Inchco

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Looking to add depth and drama to your musical performance? Explore our wide selection of Timpani. Also known as kettledrums, these orchestral percussion instruments are key to creating rich, resonant sounds and can range from pitches as low as 30 Hz to as high as 400 Hz.

Our range includes Timpani from top manufacturers, offering excellent construction, reliable performance, and distinctive tonal qualities. Whether you’re part of an orchestra, a band, or a music school, our selection can cater to all your needs.

Each Timpani drum is designed with a large, copper or brass bowl that has a drumhead stretched over the top. By striking the drumhead with special mallets, you can produce a wide range of pitches, from deeply resonant lows to bright, ringing highs. With a foot pedal, you can adjust the tension on the drumhead, allowing you to change the pitch while you play.

Our Timpani come in sets, typically of four or five, which together cover a wide range of notes. They are perfect for creating the harmonic support and rhythmic drive that can make a composition truly stand out.

To support your performance, we also offer Timpani mallets designed for different styles of play, allowing you to achieve the exact sound you desire. Whether you want to produce a hard, staccato beat or a softer, legato tone, you’ll find the perfect mallet in our range.

So, add a touch of drama to your performances. Browse our selection of Timpani today and take your music to new depths.