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Discover the rich, deep tones of French Horns in our diverse assortment – the perfect destination for those seeking an instrument that is as complex and exciting as it is beautiful. A staple in orchestras, brass bands, and marching bands, French Horns bring unparalleled depth and warmth to any ensemble.

Our collection of French Horns caters to all skill levels, from beginners seeking their first instrument to professionals desiring an exceptional instrument to elevate their performances. We source from world-renowned brands known for their precision engineering, exceptional sound quality, and timeless design.

Each French Horn in our selection boasts high-quality brass construction for optimal resonance and durability. Depending on the player’s preference and skill level, we offer both single and double horn options. Single horns are perfect for beginners and intermediate players due to their lighter weight and simpler key options, whereas double horns, offering a full range of keys, are ideal for more advanced musicians.

Our French Horns come in both F/Bb and Bb/F configurations to cater to different playing styles and needs. With the rotary valve system providing smooth transitions between notes and enabling rapid technique, our French Horns deliver exceptional performance.

We also offer a variety of French Horn accessories, including durable cases for protection during transportation, mouthpieces for different tonal qualities, and cleaning kits to keep your instrument in optimal condition.

Dive into our selection of French Horns and discover the perfect instrument to bring warmth and richness to your musical journey. Whether you are a beginner looking for a solid start or a seasoned professional seeking the perfect blend of quality and sound, we have you covered

French Horns

Jupiter Jah700 Alto / Tenor Horn Eb 700 Series (New 456l)

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Jupiter Jbr730s Baritone Horn Silver (New 360s) (Tba Price)

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Jupiter Jbr700 Baritone Horn 700 Series (New 462l)

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Neo Baritone Ybh831s

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Jupiter Jhr1110dq French Horn Double Bb/f 1100 Series Removable Bell

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Jupiter Jhr1100 French Horn Double Bb/f 1100 Series(New 1150l)

SKU: JHR1100
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Jupiter Jhr1100dq French Horn Double Bb/f 1100 Series (New 1150dl)

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Jupiter Jhr1150dl-fq French Horn Double Bb/f 1100 Series Removable Bell

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