Stands, Truss and Clamps

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Ensure your lighting and stage setup is secure and professionally mounted with our range of Stands, Truss, and Clamps. Sourced from top manufacturers in the industry, these products provide robust and reliable solutions for staging and lighting applications of all scales and complexities.

Stands are the backbone of any stage setup, offering sturdy and adjustable support for lighting fixtures, speakers, microphones, and more. Whether you're organizing a small gig, a corporate presentation, or a large concert, we have stands that cater to your specific needs, ensuring your equipment is safely positioned for optimal performance.

Truss systems offer a modular solution for larger and more complex setups. They are ideal for concerts, festivals, trade shows, and any event requiring a significant amount of lighting or AV equipment. Our selection includes a variety of sizes and designs, providing the flexibility to create custom configurations that suit your event's requirements.

Complementing the stands and truss are our Clamps. These indispensable accessories securely attach your equipment to the stands or truss, ensuring a safe and stable setup. We offer a range of clamps to accommodate different types of equipment and mounting options.

Explore our collection of Stands, Truss, and Clamps today and create a secure, professional-grade setup for your next event. With their robust construction and reliable performance, these products provide the foundation you need to deliver an unforgettable event experience