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How to properly maintain your violin?

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How to properly maintain your violin?

Caring for a violin is an art as delicate and nuanced as playing it. At Carlingford Music Centre, we understand the symbiotic relationship between a musician and their instrument, and we offer an array of violin care products to nurture this bond.

Cleaning Up Residual Rosin

Rosin, the lifeblood of a violin’s voice, can leave behind traces that mute the instrument’s brilliance. Learn how to gently remove this residue, safeguarding the violin’s lustrous voice.

Managing Surfaces in Contact with Your Skin

Your violin cradles your touch, but your skin’s natural oils and sweat can wear down its materials. Discover the best practices for keeping these critical points pristine.

Guarding Against Climate Change

Wood and string, the core elements of a violin, are at the mercy of the environment. Understand how to protect your instrument from the caprices of weather and maintain its timeless tone.
With these simple, daily attentions, your violin will not only last longer but also continue to pour out its beautiful tones for years to come.  

Manhasset Noteworthy Violin/Viola Music Stand

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11.5 × 40.5 × 63.5 cm

Peter Guan Master Cello No.7 -montagnana

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Klengel – Technical Studies For Cello

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Orchestra Expressions 1 Cello

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