Lakewood Guitars in Australia

Lakewood Guitars and how it all started

In the beginning, there was a name—Lakewood. Had I known how often I would be asked about its meaning, would I have chosen another name? No, even after all these years and so many questions, I remain happy with the name Lakewood, which has now become entrenched in the awareness of guitar history.

The Lakewood Story

The Lakewood adventure began in the spring of 1986. After completing my training under master luthier, Manfred Pletz, I was endeavouring to find my niche as an independent luthier. Graduating from nylon string classical to steel string guitars, I was motivated to put Germany on the acoustic guitar world map in a country predominantly known for classical guitars at that time.

About Martin Seeliger

But I have omitted to introduce myself: my name is Martin Seeliger and with me, everything must start somewhere. I was 28 years old and very curious, a trait that persists to this day, to the inspiration and sometimes the frustration of those working with me. When I was searching for a name for my steel string guitars, my finger stopped on a map at a small town ‘Lakewood’ on Lake Erie in the USA. The name just suited guitars so I decided there and then and have never regretted it. Lakewood became a German steel string guitar brand.

Our Craftsmanship

We have been building Lakewood guitars in Giessen, near Frankfurt/Main since 1986. Much expertise has been accumulated by us in the professional, artistic creation of fine guitars. Traditions are significant to us if they manifest in everyday working reality. New technology offers incentives and challenges for the creation of something as complex as an acoustic guitar which demands the highest levels of precision. We are driven to build instruments whose tone, aesthetics, and finish meet the highest standards. To achieve this, we delve into the absolute finest detail and are proud to be writing part of German musical instrument history.

Our Impact

Since those early years, much has been achieved. Over 20,000 guitars have been created, which could tell many a story and have become part of many diverse lives. This history represents an obligation for all of us at Lakewood. A Lakewood represents a piece of luck.

On behalf of all Lakewood colleagues.

Guitar selection

We divide our guitars into four series: the Natural, Deluxe, Premium and Signature series. Guitars are different as to tone, appearance and configuration. Each series has a particular focus so that a suitable instrument can be found for each preference.

Natural Series Deluxe Series Premium Series Edition Series Euro-Timber Series Custom Made Series

Good design shows itself in clear and distinctive style. A Lakewood Natural Series guitar is so special in its look and feel that it is recognized like a loyal friend. With the same naturalness that underlies a friendship, a Natural Series guitar shows itself to be a faithful companion. Valuable tonewoods blend into a total work of art; clear and unpretentious and simply unmistakable.

Models Available

  • Concert Model
  • Grand Concert Model
  • Grand Concert Model With Cutaway and Pickup System
  • Dreadnought Model With Cutaway and Pickup System
  • Dreadnought 12-string Model with cutaway and pickup system
  • Auditorium Model with cutaway and pickup system
  • Concert Model with cutaway and pickup system
  • Grand Concert Baritone Model with cutaway and pickup system
  • Jumbo Model with cutaway and pickup system
  • Auditorium Crossover Model with cutaway and pickup system

The Deluxe Series guitars show what is possible in fine tuning when European Alpine spruce meets Indian rosewood and French oak. The spectrum of sound that these instruments exude are flanked by the classic and elegant appearance, evidenced by precious mother-of-pearl inlays, gold-plated tuners, and an extremely thin and perfect blend of high-gloss polish for the guitar body and satin gloss finish for the neck. It is already a luxury to be able to own a handcrafted guitar. A Deluxe Series instrument goes one step further.

Models Available

  • Grand Concert Model with cutaway and pickup system
  • Grand Concert Crossover Model with cutaway and pickup system
  • Grand Concert 12-string Model with cutaway and pickup system
  • Dreadnought Model with cutaway and pickup system
  • Auditorium Model with cutaway and pickup system
  • Jumbo Baritone Model with cutaway and pickup system
  • Grand Concert Model with cutaway and pickup system

There are different timbres, characters and sensibilities in each tonewood. We can show you eight guitar models in our premium range that give you a taste of these natural sensations.

Models Available

  • Concert Model
  • Auditorium Model
  • Grand Concert Model
  • Dreadnought Model

With the Edition Series 2024, we introduce extraordinary new guitar models that hold their very own style in store. Discover new woods and features that make exciting model variations possible.

Models Available

  • Auditorium Acoustic Bass Model with cutaway and pickup system
  • Auditorium Model with pickup system
  • Grand Concert Model with cutaway and pickup system
  • Dreadnought Model with pickup system
  • Jumbo Model with cutaway and pickup system
  • Grand Concert Model with cutaway and pickup system

We are increasingly being asked whether it is possible to build a guitar from materials that can be found very close to our home. The answer is a resounding yes, of course it is possible. It is even possible to build fantastic guitars from our local woods! An option that we have been offering in our Customshop for many years is now going into a model range with the first 4 guitars in our European Wood Series. We wish you lots of fun!

Models Available

  • Auditorium Acoustic Bass Model with cutaway and pickup system
  • Grand Concert Model with cutaway and pickup system
  • Auditorium Model with pickup system
  • Grand Concert Model
  • Dreadnought Model with pickup system

Creating a custom guitar at our shop is a unique and personalized experience. At Lakewood Guitars, we are committed to guiding you through every step of the customization process. With our extensive experience in crafting bespoke guitars, we provide valuable insights and advice to ensure your satisfaction. Our state-of-the-art Lakewood Guitar Designer, a sophisticated 3D configuration tool, allows you to visualize your guitar in realistic detail during each phase of its creation. This interactive tool not only displays various customization options in a vivid photographic format but also organizes these choices into clear categories for easy navigation. For additional information on each feature, simply visit the respective sections on our website. Once you've perfected your design, the Lakewood Guitar Designer enables you to save it as a PDF, which you can review anytime before placing your final order with your preferred dealer. Discover the possibilities of crafting your dream guitar with us today

Models Available

  • Guitar Designer
  • Pre-made Options

For more models, please contact Carlingford Music Centre:
[email protected] | (02) 9873-2333

Alternatives in the selection process

In addition to selection by way of our series (see above) we offer a number of alternative selection criteria for choosing your guitar. These are shown in the lower tile row. In this way you may select your guitar by way of body shape, tone woods, pure acoustic vs electric-acoustic or your own search filter.

But how it works?

Lakewood Guitars are handcrafted, one-by-one, by expert luthiers using the best selection of wood and accessories in the industry to provide you with amazing and unique sound performance. If you are looking for a one of a kind guitar, you are in the right place.

The Process, Body selection and More

Choosing the Body Shape

Body Shapesbody-shapes Description

Body shape is of vital importance in the quest for a suitable guitar. Below are the various shapes offered by Lakewood, each with unique attributes. These descriptions are guides rather than strict categorizations—the best choice always depends on what suits you best!

Concert Concert - The Concert shape is distinctly smaller than our A-shape, with a 630 mm scale length. Despite its size, it offers very good projection and a lot of power. Show all Concert models
Auditorium Auditorium - The smallest body shape in the Lakewood range, the Auditorium is compact, comfortable, and fast responding, making it a favorite among flat pickers and blue grass players. Show all Auditorium models
grand-concert Grand Concert - Our most popular body shape, the Grand Concert fits most players and is versatile enough for fingerstyle playing and general song accompaniment. Show all Grand Concert models
Dreadnought Dreadnought - The classic choice among singer/songwriters, the Dreadnought offers a commanding presence and is historically favored by legends in the music industry. Show all Dreadnought models
Jumbo Jumbo - The Jumbo is known for its sheer power and rich voice, making it ideal for solo performances and singer/songwriters who require a robust sound. Show all Jumbo models

Choosing the Wood

Wood Type Botanic Name Origin Properties Models
AAAA European spruce Picea abies European alps, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy Complex and transparent tonal spectrum with high resolution characteristics and perfect response. Bright color, with fine and narrow annual rings, well-visible vascular rays. Very high rigidity and low weight.
AAA Cedar Thuya plicata Northwest coast of USA and Canada Even and warm sonic characteristics with soft response. Light to dark brown color with clear annual rings.
Mahogany (Style 14) Entandrophragma cylindricum West Africa Warm and well-balanced sound with soft basses, present mid range and comfortably gentle trebles. Red-brownish color with fine texture, interlocked grain plays with colors in certain light conditions.
Ovangkol (Style 18) Guibourtia ehie West Africa Strong bass with clear harmonics. Yellow-brown, sometimes almost golden color with obvious growth lines and a tiny hue of green.
Indian rosewood AA (Style 31) Dalbergia latifolia India and Pakistan Soundwise like AAA rosewood. Basic color like AAA rosewood, but with a few more (sometimes irregular) stripes. Sometimes also with a stronger red hue.
Indian rosewood AAA (Style 32) Dalbergia latifolia India and Pakistan Powerful transparent tone with strong basses and prominent trebles. Brown with sometimes purple shades with straight annual rings.
Oak (Style 35) Quercus alba France, Germany Strong warm and very complex tone with good separation throughout the range. Yellowish base tone with typical dark-brown structure.
Cypress (Style 36) Taxodinum distichum Turkey Warm tone with rich harmonics and very quick response. Golden-yellow color with subtle, straight annual rings. Noticeable sweet smell.
Ziricote (Style 45) Cordia dodecandra Mexico Complex and expressive characterful tone in low and high frets with a good balance between strong bass frequencies, comfortable mids and shining trebles. Very good response with the right amount of harmonics and a dynamic range that exceeds the necessary. Brown basic color with sometimes a shade of green. The texture is formed by remarkable dark-brown lines, that go wavy and overlapping each other across the surface.
Myrtle (Style 52) Umbellularia californica Northwest of the USA Smooth and even sound with quick response and especially delicate and silvery trebles. Yellow-brownish base color with strong texture and darker lines. Myrtle can look pretty 'wild' and sometimes gets distinctive dark spots or 'stains' within the grain.
Cocobolo (Style 53) Dalbergia retusa Mexico, Guatemala Clear and almost compressed sound with strong basses. The tone has got a high transparency with broad harmonics spectrum. Strings get a good sustain with wide dynamic range. Red color with reddish shades and exciting dark lines. The weight of cocobolo is a little heavier.
Koa (Style 56) Acacia koa Hawaii Warm and punchy sound with delicate trebles and not too strong basses. Brown color with exciting dark-brown lines and flames.
Flamed maple (Style 50) Acer pseudoplatanus Austria, Switzerland, Scotland Sweet singing tone with rich mids, not too much bass and subtle trebles. The so-called flames are caused by the weight of the tree itself. In the years of growth the lower log sections get compressed, which makes the fibers grow wavy. Those waves produce the flames in the eye of the beholder.

Choose by Full Acoustic or Electric-Acoustic

Guitar Type Description Option
Purely Acoustic Guitars No Pickup, Purely Acoustic
Acoustic Guitars with Pickup System With Pickup for stage performances.

7 Reasons to Purchase a Lakewood Guitar from Carlingford Music Centre

Assistance for the Purchaser

Whether you're a new visitor to our site or a seasoned guitarist, you might wonder: Why choose a Lakewood? Our guitars stand out due to their unique craftsmanship, quality materials, and exceptional sound. Here are seven compelling reasons why a Lakewood might be the perfect choice for you.

Made in Germany

Since 1986, every Lakewood guitar has been expertly crafted in Germany, combining skilled handwork with advanced technology. Our dedicated team ensures every guitar represents the pinnacle of local craftsmanship and cultural heritage.

Solid Tonewoods

Exclusively high-quality tonewoods are selected for Lakewood guitars, stored under ideal conditions to craft instruments with superior sound. We offer a variety of wood types for customization, adhering to a storied European tradition in guitar aesthetics.

Construction and Sound

Distinct body geometry and craftsmanship give Lakewood guitars unparalleled sound quality and projection. The balance and dynamics of each note are meticulously crafted for perfect tonal harmony, making every chord crisp and clear.

Haptic and Smell

The sensory experience of a Lakewood guitar is unique. From the natural scent of the woods to the touch of finely lacquered surfaces, every element is designed to connect deeply with the guitarist.

Pickup Systems

Featuring L.R. Baggs Anthem pickup systems, Lakewood guitars offer studio-quality sound live. Our discreet, user-friendly controls allow for perfect sound customization, enhancing every performance.

The Lakewood Customshop

Design your dream guitar with our Customshop. Utilize the Guitar Designer tool to explore over 250 options in 3D, creating a unique instrument that meets your exact specifications.

Service and Support

After your purchase, Lakewood's commitment to excellence continues. Our luthiers provide personalized support for any service needs, treating your guitar with the utmost care and priority.

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