Receive up to $1150 cashback on your new Kawai K-Series upright piano

Purchase any eligible K-Series upright piano between March 1st and April 30th and receive a pre-loaded Mastercard up to the value of $1150. Terms and conditions apply.

Kawai K300 Upright Piano

The K-300 builds upon the success of its award-winning predecessor, the K-3, that was named Acoustic Piano of The Year in four consecutive years.


$500 Cashback Available

Kawai K500 Upright Piano

With its taller 130 cm height and well-designed scale, the K-500 offers a rare combination of power, dynamic range and tonal richness to meet the musical demands of any studio environment.


$750 Cashback Available

Kawai K600 Professional Upright Piano

The 134 cm K-600 have both utmost tone and responsive touch, perfectly expressing even small tonal nuance. The extraordinary capability fascinates demanding professional.

$900 Cashback Available

Kawai K800 Professional Upright Piano

Its elegant form and exceptional tone will fulfill the needs of any professional teaching studio or intimate performance setting.

$1150 Cashback Available

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