Explore new sonic territories with our selection of Modulation and Pitch effect pedals. These pedals are designed to alter and color your guitar’s tone in exciting ways, adding motion, depth, and unusual textures that can make your sound more unique and expressive.

Modulation pedals, including chorus, flanger, and phaser pedals, work by creating a copy of your guitar signal, altering it slightly, and mixing it back with the original. The result can range from subtle thickening and shimmering effects to swirling, psychedelic soundscapes.

Chorus pedals create a rich, shimmering effect that can make a single guitar sound like multiple instruments playing together. Flanger pedals offer a sweeping, jet-like effect, while phaser pedals create a more subtle, undulating sound that can add movement and life to your tone.

Pitch pedals alter the pitch of your guitar signal, allowing you to create harmonies, shift octaves, or even tune your guitar in fantastic ways. These pedals can add a new level of complexity to your sound, making a single guitar sound like an ensemble.

Our range also includes vibrato, tremolo, and rotary speaker pedals, offering a variety of ways to add motion and character to your tone. Some of our modulation and pitch pedals offer multiple effects in one unit, providing a versatile palette of sounds to explore.

All our Modulation and Pitch effect pedals come from top brands known for their quality, reliability, and innovation. Whether you’re looking for a classic chorus pedal, a versatile multi-effects unit, or a cutting-edge pitch-shifter, our selection has the perfect pedal to inspire your creativity.

Modulation and Pitch

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