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Trevor James TJ-SCA-37SC-A569BXS Signature Custom Raw Alto Saxophone

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"The Trevor James Signature Custom RAW alto is one of the best modern saxophones I have played to date. It performs consistently all the way up and down the horn. I love the rich but present tone which malleable enough for me to express myself honestly and directly through the instrument. The quality of materials and workmanship are second to none".........James Morton "...On the specs alone it's an impressive horn. The build quality, the setup and the whole package adds up to a very credible pro-quality instrument - and when you factor in the feel, the tone and the response I think it's fair to say that the RAW XS raises the standard for the 21st century alto. .....Stephen Howard...Author of the Haynes Saxophone Manual "I love the Raw to bits! It certainly goes up to 11! The dynamic range is amazing, the choice of tones you can get is endless: anything from a mellow Paul Desmond to an edgy Maceo tone. It is truly the Mother of all Saxophones!" ....Tony 'Rico' Richardson As an advanced and professional sax player you will have experience of playing saxophones made of different metals and finishes. The Signature Custom saxophone aims to bridge the gap between what the player 'demands' in their 'Horn' and what the manufacturer supplies in return. The new 'Raw' and 'RAW" XS* Signature Custom saxophone have been developed following more than 12 months of testing, discussion and research with sax players around the world who wanted a genuine vintage sound along with an aged look to their instrument. Unlike many other Companies who simply apply a coloured finish to the instrument to give it the appearance of being old, we have simply taken the saxophone in it's raw manufactured condition and added the mechanism. So when we say the instrument is RAW...it really is!! The result?....An instrument with a wide amount of tonal colours, sound options and flexibility which is more personal, more advanced and unlike any other! In addition to the Signature Custom RAW and RAW XS* models, we also offer Signature Custom alto saxophones in gold lacquer as a standard option. For the sax player who really wants a different finish, then our 'Made to Order' Phosphor Bronze and silver-plated option will suit just perfectly. * The 'Raw' XS saxophone undergoes extra (XS) hand buffing to the body and mechanism which as sax players tell us "gives it a stunning and yet realisitic old sax look" compared to the standard 'RAW' sax model which is visibly darker throughout.
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SKU 930026009613
Manufacturer TREVOR JAMES
Last Updated 2020-11-25 01:16:52
Production Status 2
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