Sony C100 Side Address Dual Capsule Multi Pattern Hi-Res Condenser Microphone Mic

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The Sony C-100 is a 2-way condenser microphone capable of recording high-resolution material up to 50 kHz and is well suited for capturing vocals and critical instruments. The microphone features selectable pickup patterns with cardioid, omni, and figure-8 to choose from. Additionally, there is a 70 Hz low cut filter to help remove rumble, while the -10dB pad helps the mic accommodate louder signals without distorting.

The 2-way capsule features a 25mm diaphragm for capturing frequencies from 20 Hz to 25 kHz, while the secondary 17mm diaphragm captures from 25 kHz to 50 kHz. The microphone borrows the noise elimination structure used in the C-800G microphone to prevent acoustic vibration resulting in low noise and clear sound. The Sony C-100 ships with a shock mount, wind screen, mic stand adapter, and a carrying case.

  • Professional-Quality Sound: Two-way diaphragm structure realizes both broad high range and resonant mid-low range and gives great vocal presence
  • Wide Frequency Response: The C-100 microphone has a broad frequency response (20 Hz to 50kHz) and provides superb sound reproduction quality for High-Resolution Audio
  • Noise Elimination Construction: Two-part metallic body structure employed in C-800G microphone prevents acoustic vibration resulting in low noise and clear sound
  • Switchable Polar Patterns: The C-100 microphone features switchable cardioid, omni-directional, and figure-8 polar patterns for various recording applications
  • Low-Cut Filter: Low-cut filter switch helps eliminate low-frequency noise and proximity effect
  • Pad Switch: A -10dB pad switch on C-100 microphone provides added headroom and minimizes distortion caused by transient peaks.


                             Setting new standards for the 100 series 

Music production standards have been around for a while since these exceeded the CD sampling rate

Giving creators and artists new wide-range microphones that meet production standards(24bit/96kHz). It is the beginning of the 100 series, the first recording microphones since the C37A and C800G were released 60 and 26 years ago.



A tradeoff is usually found between bandwidth and sensitivity, but both qualities are essential to offer both a wide frequency response of 20 Hz–50 kHz, without attenuation, and the ample sensitivity needed in studio microphones. This quest led to the development of wholly new capsules, and in the side-address C-100, the range is covered by a two-way capsule design.

Environments where 100 seriesmicrophones come to life

Unprecedented miking characteristics from a quest for super wide-range mics that come alive in any format

Development of capsule in pursuit of the conflicting goals of unattenuated 20 Hz–50 kHz frequency response and ample sensitivity led to unprecedented characteristics. Transient response is excellent, and feels consistent across the vast range, and both lows and highs are clear and open. Sound also feels more substantial, thanks to the addition of a large, newly developed 25 mm diaphragm in the C-100. Here, we introduce a few of these characteristics that professionals will want to add to their ideal recording setup.

Vocal Recording

One listen, and the realism and clarity of vocal performances will be apparent. Pitch and sibilance are very clear, which eliminates the need to emphasize lyrics in mixing. Also a good match for rap and narration, it is an easy mic to recommend to current C800G users. This is not the type of mic that colors or emphasizes mids. Instead, mids are manageable without being overemphasized, unlike other mics prone to unpleasant midrange overlaps. Characteristics of chained instruments are captured quite well. The mic picks up a large range of harmonics, which promises captivating results from placement at a distance. With more skilled vocalists, it is an easy mic to try advanced techniques with.


Musical instrument Recording

Characteristics of the mic capture a rich array of harmonics that clearly reveal not only performances but even instrument parts and the condition or humidity of materials. Responsive diaphragms prevent harshness and distortion even in vigorous performances. The attack of percussion, the shimmer of metal instruments, guitar fingering, and piano performances can be captured with exceptional realism. Accuracy of lows is also noteworthy. Even if you use a familiar microphone with a suitable sound signature for the instruments, setting the additional 100 series will open up new possibilities.


Ambience and Air

From these descriptions, it is also easy to imagine how the mic excels at capturing the air of the recording environment, acoustics of studios or concert halls, and ambience. This will tempt you to explore a variety of miking techniques: accent, room, ambient, and overhead for drums. Since even subtle sounds are picked up well, you may get the impression that the mic is placed closer to the source than usual. This also means that it can capture quite a lot of sound within the range of its directivity.

Audition the 100 series in recording if you seek a bright, honest mic and have these needs.

  • More realistic presence and a sense of air
  • Faithful highs and mids, with an open, unrestrained sound
  • Clear lyrics and pitch
  • Capturing sources without undue adjustment of equalization or compression
  • Recording folk instruments with unusual harmonics; Foley recording
  • Recording at the optimal resolution, with no loss of clarity even in pitch-shifted applications
  • Emphasis of chained instrument timbre and effects such as pre amps and plug-ins
  • Nuance, speed, and intensity of attacks (a strength of ECM-100U)
  • Capturing core instrument sounds along with harmonics and air (a strength of ECM-100N)
  • Capturing a sense of vast range, with clear lows in particular, and a feeling of substance (a strength of C-100)

Audition the Sony 100 series for yourself and add them as an essential new element of your recording repertoire.

Sony High Res 100 Series Mics Record 108-Key Piano




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