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Solo Secrets - Of The Left Hand And Bass Drum

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Based on the drum set artistry of Roy Burns, this fantastic book will improve the drummer's left hand technique, bass drum control, hand-to-handŒ coordination, overall speed, and rhythmic creativity in any playing style or idiom. Solo and fill-in playing skills are enhanced through use of the entire drum set. Edited by percussionist and well-known educational composer Murray Houllif, this 35-page book includes a DVD featuring Roy Burns' amazing final clinic in 1989. Œ What The Pros Are Saying About Solo Secrets With all of the drum books available today, one could ask,what possibly could there be written that hasn't already been written a bout? Roy has really added something special to the whole world of percussion library that, to my knowledge, hasn't existed until now. Roy's book is the first book that I have found that almost scientifically addresses the development of the left (weaker) hand. By challenging the left to play 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 or more consecutive strokes to every one right stroke, the left hand is challenged in a way that I have never seen or felt before. These exercises are very musical, especially when you add theleft hand/bass drum exercises. After a few days or weeks of using the b ook I can feel a definite difference in the power and dexterity of my left hand! So in short, thank you Roy and Murray for this amazing contribution to the drumming community. I'm gonna soak my arm in ice now! - JohnRamsay, Percussion Chair at Berklee School of Music, Boston, MA I've be en reading and practicing out of Roy's new book and it's a KILLER. Played slow to medium, the exercises are great warm ups and fantastic chop builders. Played fast, they're dazzling. Roy has answered many questions I've had over the years like How'd he do that? and breaks it down into good solid musical information that is so useful. It's not just razzle-dazzle. It actually make sense. And don't even get me started on the DVD.Wow. Thanks Roy and thank you Murray. Wonderful! - Butch Miles, Former Count Basie Drummer, Lecturer/Instructor Drum Set Studies, Texas State University School of Music, San Marcos, TX ŒOver the years Roy Burns hascontinued to make contributions to virtually all facets of the art of d rumming. The latest invaluable offering from the all-time master technician is Solo Secrets. This book is to the drummer what calisthenics are to the professional athlete. - Jack Mouse, award-winning jazz drummer andpercussion instructor at North Central College, IL ŒI had the privileg e of being Roy's student for one year in New York City. I know his work from all sides and this is another stellar book. It moves your techniqueforward and at the same time is one of the best warm up books I have se en (if you only have a few minutes). Solo Secrets has solid direction and yet it allows you to re-interpret the exercises should you wish to do so. I use it and recommend it. PS - Roy smokes the opening drum solo on the DVD. - Peter Magadini, jazz drummer, author and teacher, San Francisco, CA ŒRoy is amazing! He just keeps going in the tradition of greatdrumming. His new book, Solo Secrets, is very original and can be pract iced in many ways. - Jim Petercsak, Head of Percussion, SUNY Distinguished Teaching Professor, Crane School of Music, SUNY - Potsdam, NY, Past President PAS Œ

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SKU (APIC Barcode) 930036090237
Manufacturer Kendor Music
Last Updated 2020-04-08 14:32:40
Model Number 21194
Author Bobby Owsinski|Dennis Moody
Series Music Pro Guide Books & DVDs
Medium Softcover
Publisher Kendor Music
Composer Roy Burns/edited Houllif
Instrument Drums
Pages 6(07)
Production Status 2

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