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Socks Keyboard Kids

Socks Keyboard Kids

SKU: 10001K

A Musical Play About the Holiday Season
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One way the holiday season is ushered in is with decorated department store windows, and children look in at the festive scenes as color and magic abound within them!

In this new reproducible musical by Michael and Jill Gallina, narrators introduce each special window display and the audience is invited to follow them as they walk down the avenue and tell about the colorful scenes that appear in the five windows featured in this production: a winter scene, a holiday in the tropics, elves making toys, holiday cooking, and a New Year's celebration to close out the musical. Through the use of holiday windows, the musical joyfully sets the stage full of color, wonder, and excitement.

Written in revue-style format, this musical can be easily presented by one classroom or anumber classrooms and/or grade levels. By assigning a different group t o each of the five window scenes, it is possible to successfully involvea large number of children. The easy-to-memorize rhyming script provide s for 38 speaking parts. However, that number can be doubled if only oneline is given to each child.

The musical includes an easy rhymin g script and lots of staging and choreography suggestions. The enhanced Teacher Edition includes a Singer CD-RM with reproducible singer and speaking parts. For Grades 3-5. 20 minutes.

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SKU (Musipos ID) 10001K
Manufacturer AIM
Model Number 10001K
Medium CD
Publisher AIM
Format Performance/Accompaniment CD
Composer Jill Gallina|Michael Gallina


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