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SlowGold CD-ROM

SKU: 631160

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We are proud to introduce SlowGold and SlowBlast!, two innovative new CD-ROMs from World Wide Woodshed that slow down music! Both programs feature studio-quality slowdown technology to let anyone alter the playback speed of music or other audio without hearing a change in pitch, making them ideal learning tools for all musicians. The simple interface allows users to select tracks and adjust the tempo from 5% to 200% of the original speed, so that they can slow down even the fastest riffs and learn to play any recorded solo, pick out chords and other parts,and absorb the phrasing and style of their favorite artists. Once they have learned to play along at a slow pace, they can increase the tempo – by as little as 1% at a time – and practice along until they can play the music at full speed, or even faster! Regardless of the playback speed, the programs deliver incredible sonic clarity and fidelity. SlowBlast! is a simpler program offered at an incredibly affordable price. SlowGold includes advanced features such as real-timeslowdown processing, pitch control, and 100% digital signal processing. In addition to processing analog signals, CD audio and .WAV files, S lowGold now accepts the popular MP3 audio file format.

Both programs require Windows 95, 98, NT or 2000, a sound card or chip, 1MB ofdisk space for SlowBlast! and 12MB of disk space for SlowGold, and a 4 86/66 or faster processor. A Pentium 166Mhz or better is recommended (300Mhz or better for real-time slowdown and pitch control).

Additional Information

SKU (APIC Barcode) 930036035332
Manufacturer World Wide Woodshed
Last Updated 2020-04-03 13:16:46
Model Number 631160
Medium CD-ROM
Publisher World Wide Woodshed
Pages 24(07)
Production Status 2

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