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Expand the expressive capabilities of your instrument with our selection of Digital Pianos & Keyboard Pedals. These essential accessories offer added control and nuance to your playing, mimicking the pedals found on an acoustic piano and enabling you to refine your digital piano or keyboard performance.

Our collection includes sustain pedals, soft pedals, and sostenuto pedals, each offering unique functionality. The sustain pedal, or damper pedal, is the most frequently used, allowing notes to ring out after your fingers leave the keys. The soft pedal, or una corda, slightly reduces the volume and alters the tone, providing a softer, more mellow sound. The sostenuto pedal, less commonly found on keyboards but essential for certain piano pieces, sustains only the notes that are held down when the pedal is pressed.

Our pedals are designed with both function and durability in mind. They provide precise control, with some models offering half-pedaling capabilities for even more nuanced performance. Constructed from robust materials, these pedals are built to withstand heavy use and provide reliable performance.

Many of our pedals are universally compatible, working with a wide range of digital pianos and keyboards. Some models are brand-specific, designed to integrate seamlessly with certain instrument models.

Explore our range of Digital Pianos & Keyboards Pedals and discover the tool you need to deepen your expressive potential and refine your performance

Digital Pianos and Keyboards Pedals

Casio SP-20 Sustain Pedal

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Kawai F-10H Pedal (F10H)

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Casio SP34 Tri-Pedal for CDPS150/350 & PXS1000/3000 Digital Pianos

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Yamaha Modx7+ 76-key Synthesizer AWM2 & FM-X 2 Sound Engines

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Piano Pedals Extender Box -black

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Yamaha Lp1b Three Pedal Unit for P125b Black

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Yamaha Lp1wh Three Pedal Unit For P125wh White

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