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Step into a world of soothing, sophisticated melodies with our stunning range of Harps – your gateway to an instrument deeply woven into the tapestry of music history. From ancient tales of wandering minstrels to modern orchestral performances, the harp has been a beacon of elegance and refinement.

Our collection features a range of harps suitable for all levels of skill and ambition. The beginner harps in our range are perfect for those starting their musical journey, providing an affordable yet quality introduction to the art of harp playing. For the more advanced harpist, we offer professional-grade instruments that deliver a beautifully balanced, resonant sound that can grace any stage or studio setting.

Discover a variety of harp types in our collection, from small lap harps, ideal for beginners, to grand pedal harps used in orchestras worldwide. We also stock Celtic and lever harps, offering a folk-inspired alternative with unique tonal characteristics.

Each harp in our selection boasts high-quality construction with sturdy frames and high-tension strings to deliver lasting durability and a consistently wonderful sound. The materials used, such as top-grade woods and resilient strings, are selected with care to ensure optimal resonance and tone.

We also provide an array of harp accessories, including tuning keys, string sets, protective covers, and carrying cases, ensuring you have everything needed to maintain and transport your instrument safely.

Our selection of Harps caters to all musical tastes and ambitions. Explore our range and find the perfect harp to provide you with years of musical enjoyment, whether you’re a beginner, an enthusiastic amateur, or a dedicated professional.


Baby Harp-12 String (50cm)

SKU: 01105

Black Harp Series – Baby 12 String W/bag

SKU: 01200
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Troubadour Harp 22-str Carved Body W/bag

SKU: 01124
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Pixie Harp-19 String Standing W/bag

SKU: 01115
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Pixie Harp 19 String Carved Leaning

SKU: 01110
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Folk Harp 22 String Carved With Bag

SKU: 01125
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