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Dive into our collection of Powered Mixers, designed to deliver superior audio mixing and amplification in one convenient package. Ideal for musicians, DJs, and sound engineers on the move, these mixers combine the functionality of a professional audio mixer with the power of a robust PA amplifier.

Our Powered Mixers are perfect for live sound applications, offering a range of inputs for microphones, musical instruments, and other audio sources. They feature built-in power amplifiers, eliminating the need for separate amp units and simplifying your setup. Whether you’re performing at a small gig, a large event, or rehearsing in your home studio, these mixers provide the power you need to drive your PA speakers and deliver a clear, dynamic sound to your audience.

Each of our Powered Mixers offers an array of mixing features such as multiple channels, EQ controls, and effects processors, allowing you to tailor the sound to match your performance. They also include various output options for connection to speakers, recording devices, and monitoring systems.

Compact and lightweight, many of our Powered Mixers are designed with portability in mind, perfect for performers who need a reliable, easy-to-transport solution. They also offer rugged construction and protective features to withstand the rigors of live use and transport.

Experience the convenience, power, and superb sound quality of our Powered Mixers today. Whether you’re a solo artist, part of a band, or running a small venue, you’ll find the perfect all-in-one solution for your needs in our selection

Powered Mixers

Yamaha Ag06mk2b Live Streaming Mixer/interface Black

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Yamaha Ag03mk2w-pack Live Streaming Pack White

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Yamaha Ag03mk2w Live Stresaming Mixer/interface White

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Yamaha Ag03mk2b Live Streaming Mixer/interface Black

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Yamaha Ag01b Live Stream,ing Microphone/interface Black

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Yamaha Mg12xuk D-pre Mixer With Effects, Usb and Volume Knobs

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