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Cort GA-MEDX 12 OP Grand Regal 12-String Acoustic Guitar – Open Pore

SKU: C10870

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110 × 48 × 11 cm

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Expand your musical horizons with our selection of 7-string Acoustic Guitars. These instruments, with their additional strings, offer a broader range of tonal possibilities, allowing for deeper bass notes or higher treble pitches, depending on the configuration. Ideal for advanced guitarists and those looking to explore new soundscapes, these guitars add a unique dimension to your music.

7-string acoustic guitars typically add a lower B string to the standard six-string setup, offering extended range for playing bass lines, chord voicings, or complex fingerstyle patterns. Other configurations, such as 8-string or 12-string guitars, double certain strings to create a rich, chorused sound that can’t be replicated on a standard guitar.

Our collection of 7+ string acoustic guitars includes both standard and acoustic-electric models. The latter come equipped with pickups and preamps, allowing you to amplify your sound for performances or recording sessions. These guitars maintain the natural, warm tone of an acoustic guitar while offering the convenience of an electric instrument.

Made from high-quality tonewoods and designed for superior playability, these guitars not only sound fantastic but also provide a comfortable playing experience. Whether you’re a jazz player seeking extended chord possibilities, a metal guitarist wanting to translate your electric 7-string skills to an acoustic setting, or a folk player interested in rich, chorused tones, our 7+ string acoustic guitars offer a new avenue for musical exploration