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Unleash your creativity and layer your musical ideas with our selection of Loop Stations. These devices allow you to record, loop, and layer sound on the fly, making them perfect for songwriting, practicing, and performing solo or with a band.

Whether you’re a guitarist, a vocalist, a keyboardist, or a multi-instrumentalist, Loop Stations can elevate your performances, allowing you to create complex arrangements and sonic landscapes all by yourself. They are excellent tools for composing and practicing, offering an easy way to work on timing, harmony, and improvisation.

Our range includes simple, one-button looper pedals perfect for beginners, as well as advanced loopers with multiple tracks and built-in effects for seasoned performers. For those seeking a comprehensive looping solution, we offer multi-track loop stations with separate controls for each loop, sophisticated rhythm and effects sections, and extensive connectivity options for integrating other gear.

Some models feature built-in drum machines or rhythm tracks, allowing you to create backing tracks on the fly. Others offer advanced features like reverse and half-speed effects, undo/redo functions, and the ability to save and export your loops for further processing on your computer.

All our Loop Stations come from leading brands in the industry, known for their quality, durability, and innovative features. Whether you’re just getting started with looping or looking for a workstation to take your performances to the next level, our selection has the perfect Loop Station for you.

Loop Stations

Boss Rc-5 Loop Station

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Boss RC-10R Rhythm Loop Station

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Electro Harmonix Super Multi-looper *

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Boss Rc-500 Loop Station

SKU: RC500
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Boss Rc-600 Loop Station

SKU: RC600
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