Discover a new realm of tonal possibilities with our selection of Electric Guitar Pickups. Specifically designed to convert string vibrations into an electrical signal, these pickups are integral to shaping your electric guitar’s voice.

Our range includes a variety of types to suit diverse musical styles. For fans of the bright, clean tones synonymous with blues, country, and surf rock, our single-coil pickups are the perfect choice. Those seeking the full, warm sound often associated with rock, jazz, or blues will appreciate our humbucker pickups. For guitarists looking to drive their sound with a higher output, our range of active pickups offers an exciting exploration of tone.

Each type of pickup is available in a variety of models, featuring different magnet materials, like Alnico or Ceramic, which significantly affect the output and tone. Whether you’re after vintage warmth, modern brightness, or aggressive punch, we have a pickup to match.

Upgrading or replacing your electric guitar pickups is a powerful way to alter your sound without changing your instrument. It’s an affordable modification that can dramatically influence your guitar’s tone and performance, whether you’re jamming at home, recording in a studio, or rocking out on stage.

Browse our selection of Electric Guitar Pickups and discover the difference a pickup swap can make. No matter your style or preference, our collection offers something for every guitarist looking to enhance their sound.

Electric Guitar Pickups

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