Step into an extended musical universe with our collection of 7-string Electric Guitars. Adding extra strings to the standard six, these guitars let you explore new depths and heights in your playing, expanding the possibilities for creative expression.

Our selection offers a rich diversity of 7+ string guitars, designed to suit various musical styles. If you’re an ambitious musician seeking to delve into the heavy riffs of metal, complex jazz arrangements, or experimental soundscape, these guitars will unlock new potential in your playing.

Made with top-quality tonewoods, our 7+ string guitars ensure a full, resonant sound that does justice to each additional string. With carefully configured pickups, they deliver a clear, balanced output that faithfully captures your performance nuances.

An extended range guitar isn’t only about extra strings—it’s about expanding your musical language. It offers innovative tuning possibilities, opens the door to unique chord structures, and lets you craft riffs and solos that stand out from the crowd.

No matter if you’re a beginner intrigued by the challenge of extra strings or an experienced guitarist looking for new horizons, our 7+ String Electric Guitars offer the tools to push your boundaries. Explore our collection, embrace the added strings, and discover a new realm of musical creativity.

7-String Electric Guitars

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