Experience the warmth and resonance of our Acoustic Bass Guitars. Combining the deep, rich sound of a bass guitar with the natural resonance of an acoustic instrument, these basses are perfect for unplugged sessions, practice, or adding a new tonal color to your music.

Acoustic bass guitars have a hollow body like an acoustic guitar, which produces sound without needing to be plugged into an amplifier. This makes them a great choice for jamming, practicing, or performing in intimate settings. For larger venues or recording, many of our acoustic basses also include built-in pickups and preamps for amplification and tone shaping.

Our collection includes a variety of body styles and sizes, from dreadnought to jumbo, each offering its own balance of comfort, volume, and tone. The acoustic bass guitars are made from a variety of tonewoods, such as spruce for bright, clear tones, mahogany for warm, rich sound, or rosewood for deep bass and sparkling highs.

4-string, 5-string, and fretless models are all available, catering to a variety of playing styles and musical genres. Whether you’re a singer-songwriter looking for a rhythm instrument, a bassist seeking a new practice tool, or a musician aiming to broaden your tonal palette, our Acoustic Bass Guitars offer a versatile and satisfying playing experience.

Explore the natural, resonant tones of our Acoustic Bass Guitars, and find a new way to express your music

Acoustic Bass Guitars

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