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Dive into the world of rich, distinctive tones with our collection of Resonator and Lap Steel Guitars. These unique instruments, known for their loud volume and characteristic metallic sound, have deep roots in blues, country, and Hawaiian music, and continue to inspire musicians across genres.

Resonator guitars, sometimes called ‘Dobros,’ are acoustic instruments featuring metal cones or ‘resonators’ that amplify the sound. Whether played with a slide or fingerpicked, resonators are loved for their loud, bright, and cutting tone, which can easily stand out in a mix. Our selection includes both wood and metal-bodied resonators, each offering a distinct sound and aesthetic.

Lap Steel guitars, played horizontally with a steel slide, are famous for their lush, smooth sound and their critical role in creating the ‘Hawaiian’ guitar sound. They are a favorite in country and blues music, and are also used in rock, jazz, and other genres for their unique voicing. Our collection features lap steels with various pickup configurations and materials to cater to every player’s preference.

Both resonator and lap steel guitars are excellent for slide guitar techniques, with their raised action and unique tone offering a great platform for exploring this expressive playing style.

Whether you’re a slide aficionado, a blues enthusiast, or a musician looking for unique tones, our collection of Resonator and Lap Steel Guitars offers instruments that add a distinctive voice to your music

Resonator and Lap-Steel Guitars

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