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Experience the rich, resonant tones of our Acoustic Guitars, instruments celebrated for their versatility, portability, and timeless appeal. Whether you’re a beginner learning your first chords or an experienced player seeking a new sound, an acoustic guitar is a musical companion like no other.

Our collection features a variety of types, from the robust, full-bodied dreadnoughts, perfect for strumming powerful chords, to concert and auditorium models known for their balanced tone and playability, and smaller parlor guitars, ideal for fingerpicking and solo performances.

We offer guitars made from a variety of tonewoods, each contributing to the instrument’s sound and aesthetic. Spruce tops are renowned for their bright, clear sound, while cedar tops provide a warmer tone. Rosewood and mahogany bodies contribute to a guitar’s resonance and durability, and each wood type offers a unique grain and color.

For players seeking versatility, we also have acoustic-electric guitars that feature built-in pickups and preamps. These guitars can be played unplugged or connected to an amplifier or PA system for performances or recording, providing the best of both acoustic and electric worlds.

From the campfire to the concert hall, our Acoustic Guitars cater to all levels of players and a variety of musical styles. Discover the joy of unplugged music with an instrument that truly resonates with your musical passion.

Acoustic Guitars

Katoh Ksfeq Cutaway Flamenco Guitar With Case

SKU: K20025
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Katoh Mcg115c Classical Guitar

SKU: K10133
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Cort Sfx-mem Op Guitar Mahogany Top Open Pore Fini

SKU: C11530
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Cort Earth 60m Optb Dreadnought Guitar Open Pore Trans Black Burst

SKU: C10007
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Kurzweil Kb88 Gig Bag

SKU: 9230063

Jumpin Jims Gone Hawaiian Ukulele Solo

SKU: 695389
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Katoh Mcg40ceq Classical Guitar

SKU: K00420
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Yamaha Ac1m//02 Vintage Natural

SKU: AC1M//02
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Yamaha Ll6m Natural Acoustic Guitar

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Yamaha Modx6 Gig Bag

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Mandolin F-style Ifm-100

SKU: 32530

Katoh Mcg18 Classical Guitar in Gig Bag

SKU: K00202
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S/h Katoh Mcg40ceq Serial:11665198

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Katoh Mcg20/3 3/4 Classical Guitar Spruce Top

SKU: K00210
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