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Embrace the modern drumming era with our collection of Electronic Drum Kits. Offering unparalleled versatility, practicality, and adaptability, these kits are the perfect solution for drummers seeking the power of electronic sound combined with the feel of a traditional setup.

Our selection includes kits suitable for every skill level, from beginner models perfect for learning and practice, to professional kits designed for recording and stage performance. Each kit typically includes a set of pad or mesh-head drums, cymbal pads, and a sound module — the ‘brain’ that produces the sounds when the pads are struck.

The sound modules come packed with a wide variety of drum and percussion sounds from different genres and eras, offering the flexibility to switch between a rock, jazz, electronic, or world music kit with the push of a button. Some models offer advanced features like built-in songs for play-along, metronomes for rhythm practice, and USB/MIDI connectivity for easy integration with recording software.

Our electronic drum pads are designed to provide a responsive, natural feel. Advanced models feature mesh heads that mimic the rebound of an acoustic drum and can be tension-adjusted to the player’s preference.

Portability is another major advantage of electronic drum kits. They’re generally more compact and lighter than their acoustic counterparts, making them ideal for small spaces or for musicians on the go.

Explore our range of Electronic Drum Kits and experience the fusion of traditional playing technique with modern sound versatility

Electronic Drum Kits

Yamaha Pcy100 10″; 3-zone Cymbal Pad

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Yamaha Pcy155 15″; 3-zone Cymbal Pad

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