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Step into the future of drumming with our selection of Electronic Drum Components. Combining cutting-edge technology with a familiar, tactile experience, these components offer the versatility and convenience of electronic music while maintaining the organic feel of acoustic drumming.

Our electronic drum components include everything you need to create a complete electronic drum set or to incorporate electronic elements into your acoustic setup. From drum pads and cymbal triggers to sound modules and electronic percussion, our selection caters to a wide range of needs.

Our drum pads offer a dynamic, responsive playing surface that mimics the feel of an acoustic drum. They can be triggered with drumsticks or hands and are often multi-zone, providing different sounds depending on where you strike them. Our cymbal triggers offer a similar experience, allowing you to incorporate a wide variety of cymbal sounds into your electronic setup.

Sound modules serve as the “brain” of your electronic drum set, housing a range of drum and percussion sounds. With the ability to customize and save your kits, the sound module allows for unprecedented versatility in crafting your drum sound.

Electronic percussion, like sample pads and electronic multi-pads, further expand your sound options, offering the ability to trigger samples, loops, and other sounds.

Whether you’re an acoustic drummer looking to expand your sonic palette, an electronic music producer seeking tactile control, or a quiet practice solution, our Electronic Drum Components offer the perfect blend of tradition and innovation

Electronic Drum Components

Yamaha Pcy100 10″; 3-zone Cymbal Pad

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Yamaha Tp70 7.5″; Rubber Trigger Pad

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Yamaha Tp70s 7.5″; 3-zone Rubber Trigger Pad

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