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In 1887 a programme of music examinations was initiated in Australia by the Universities of Adelaide and Melbourne.The Australian Music Examinations Board (AMEB) emerged in 1918 as a national body with the purpose of providing graded assessments of the achievements of music students.

The AMEB is a Measure of Excellence
Being one Australia's most respected bodies in the field of Musical qualifications recognised as the national benchmark across Australia. AMEB examinations are based on a AMEB syllabuse designed by leading Academics and performers, regularly updated to ensure that they reflect an appropriate range of performance abilities and the current musicological research. The content of these syllabuses is, wherever practical, published in fine accessible editions, ensuring that the cost to students of acquiring a full range of the set pieces is as simple and affordable as possible.

The AMEB's success in developing standards of performance and scholarship has been achieved through the support of teachers in all Australian States. Their syllabuses are reviewed and developed in direct consultation with the people who use our examination system, and written by leading teachers and performers. With the assistance of its examiners, the Board will continue to work in association with teachers to provide encouragement for students and a sense of achievement. The Board believes that its activities enhancement of the cultural life of our community.

We at Carlingford Music Centre have been surporting AMEB since 1982


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