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Upright Pianos

The Upright Piano has become the worlds most recognised musical instrument. It was invented in Italy by Bartolomeo Cristofori in the 1700s as the exact year is uncertain. 

A Piano works by strings struck by hammers and is played using a keyboard. The term piano is a shortened word of pianoforte, an Italian term for the early 1700s versions of the instrument. 

The musical terms piano and forte indicate "soft" and "loud" respectively, this referring to the variations in dynamic (i.e., loudness) produced in response to a pianist's touch or pressure on the keys. 

The first piano in the 1700s had a quieter sound and smaller dynamic range.

An acoustic piano has two variations, the Upright Piano (which has strings stretched horizontally) and the Grand Piano(which has strings pulled vertically).  An upright piano has a protective wooden case surrounding the soundboard and metal strings, which strung under high tension on a heavy metal frame.

At Carlingford Music Centre we keep an extensive Range of Both Grand Pianos and Upright Pianos, in our specialty showroom located in Carlingford. Our Best Selling Upright Piano The Kawai K300 use of a solid spruce soundboard gives one of the fullest sounds available in an upright piano available.  Moreover, the Kawai Custom millennium III actions give any Upright Piano from beginner to seasons professional a quick and responsive.


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