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Digital Pianos

Digital pianos are types of electric pianos that serve as an alternative to acoustic and traditional pianos while staying compact and portable. A digital piano doesn’t have strings but samples to simulates the sounds of an acoustic piano. If you still aren’t sure if a digital piano is the exact type of piano for you, here is a short list to consider. The Casio PX160 Digital Piano is our best selling digital piano, coming in three variations it is the perfect digital piano for a small home or for a beginner. The Casio GP500 Grand Hybrid is a paradigm shift is the electric piano design, utilising a full action grand piano action and full-length Austrian spruce keys, it is the closest you can get to a grand piano in a compact design.

Most piano learners also prefer digital pianos as opposed to traditional ones due to the many features it has that promote and assist learning. Features like built-in recorders, playback and even metronomes have been of great help to many learners. Digital pianos also allow for privacy as you can opt to use headphones and keep your practice sessions solely to yourself. Finally, digital pianos come in numerous sizes and designs. This allows for a wider selection to choose from.

For buyers and piano enthusiasts in Australia who wish to know more of the brands and models of digital pianos in their area, contact Carlingford Music Centre. Carlingford Music Centre is the exclusive distributor of famed brands which are top quality and world-class.


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