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Guitar Repairs & Services Price Guide


Includes restring, string stretch, fretboard clean and lemon oil.  Does not include strings - strings are sold separately.

Acoustic / Electric / Bass Guitar / 4-string Ukulele


Classical / Nylon String / Banjo / Mandolin


12-String / Floyd Rose 




A guitar setup can improve both the playability and the sound of your guitar.  

A full set up includes:

-       Restring (does not include strings - strings are sold separately)

-       Truss rod adjustment (straightens the neck)

-       Saddle adjustment and nut cut (optimises height and curve of strings)

-       Adjustment of harmonics (corrects intonation, electric guitars only)

-       Adjustment of pickup height (balances the volume across pickups, electric guitars only)

-       Minor additional repairs, such as tightening a loose socket or strap pin. 

 Classical guitars (no truss rod)


 Acoustic guitars and folk instruments


 Electric guitars 


 Electric guitars with Floyd Rose



Other Guitar Services

Other services, specialised repairs of instruments

Services include:

  • Replacement of jack socket
  • Replacement of machine head
  • Fret Shave
  • Replace Fingerboard nut
  • Fit Strap Button
  • Pick-up installations and replacements
  • Replace input jack on hollow-body electric guitar
  • Compensate acoustic bridge saddle
  • Service electric
  • Guitar appraisal

Wind and Brass Instrument Services by Quotation

Come into Carlingford Music Centre to drop off your instrument and leave the rest to us.