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Kustom KPA40 Battery Powered Column Speaker With Bluetooth


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The Kustom KPA40BATBT Battery Powered 40-Watt P.A. System combines quality performance and convenient features into an extremely portable all-in-one package. Similar in design to our popular PW50 and PW100 P.A. Systems, the PW40 differs in that we've moved the controls to the front of the unit for ease of access. With a built-in rechargable battery and portable design, the PW40 allows you to take your music anywhere you need it.

With built-in Bluetooth capability, the PW40BATBT allows you to stream music Wirelessly from up to 33 feet away from any Bluetooth device, including iPhone, iPad & Android devices.

The PW40BATBT features 2 channels controlled by a Master Level Control. The first channel incorporates both a XLR microphone input and a line level input. The second channel consists of an auxiliary input and line level input. Both channels have individual high and low EQ controls and a volume control knob. All four inputs can be used simultaneously.

The PW40BAT has a built-in rechargable battery for up to 10 hours of uninterrupted music, or if AC power is available plug-in directly.

The Powerlink Circuit allows two or more units to be linked together and function as one P.A. system. So as your sound needs grow, so can your sound system. Multiple units can be connected to increase the sound coverage in your venue of choice. And for maximum flexibility and convenience, the PW40 has carry handle, rubber feet on the bottom and side, or if you need to place it on a speaker stand has a built-in standard speaker adaptor.



Tips - To Prolong the Life of Rechargeable Batteries

Always charge the batteries before first and after use.

Always store portable system with batteries in a fully charged condition.

Always power off the portable system and transmitter/mic when NOT in use It is OK to leave the system plugged into a power outlet when not being used for a long time.

The built-in automatic protection circuitry will auto shut-off when fully charged. It will not harm the system or the battery.

Fully charge the system at least once every 3 months. Battery may fail if not charged for a prolonged periods of time.

Store in dry, cool place away from heat. Elevated temperature reduces longevity.

CAUTION: DO NOT recharge other types of batteries and connect a battery's negative terminal to another batteries positive terminal.

An explosion and/or a fire could occur as a result. Use only rechargeable sealed lead-acid (gel cell) batteries.


Batteries that fail due to not adhering to the guide above, are not covered under warranty.

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Manufacturer KUSTOM
Production Status 4


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