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SPECIAL ORDER Delux RED K&M Spider Pro is the further development of the Spider keyboard stand. The Spider Pro is equipped with a pair of extendable support arms, as well as an additional pair of extendable support arms with a 15° tilt angle. The »Spider Pro« can be fitted with additional support arms for a third keyboard. The Spider Pro also has a 3/8" or 5/8" threaded connection for attaching microphone booms. The tilt of the Spider Pro is greater than that of the »Spider« to allow easier playing when two keyboards are being used. On top of this, the Spider Pro also provides optimum leg movement thanks to the raised design of its feet, continuously variable height adjustment and a special mechanism for collapsing the stand as well as easy carrying of the stand in the bag, which is available as an optional extra

Height: 1,310 mm
Height adjustment: infinitely variable by means of ergonomically shaped clamping elements
Material: aluminum
Max. load capacity: 105 kg
Max. load capacity per tier: 35 kg
Product Category: Starline
Shape: column stand
Special features: with a 3/8" or 5/8" threaded connector for microphone boom; cable management; comfortable tilt of column; freedom of movement of the legs and room for pedals; folds small; gradual adjustment of the depth
Support arms: two telescopic pairs, one pair with additional 15° tilt angle
Support depth: from 300 to 470 mm
Support width: from 670 to 940 mm
Type: black anodized
Weight: 10.92 kg


The »SPIDER PRO« keyboard stand is one of our most popular products. This article contains an overview all the key information on the »SPIDER PRO« and the »BABY SPIDER PRO« and the extra accessories available.

Starting with the »SPIDER PRO« available in anodized aluminum (18860-000-30), black anodized 18860-000-35) and red (18860-000-36).
The »SPIDER PRO« is equipped with two pairs of freely extendable support arms (the upper pair is tilted at 15°).

It can be outfitted with a third pair of support arms (article 18866 (#6) or 18865 (#7)) for a third keyboard. The »SPIDER PRO« also has a 3/8″ or 5/8″ threaded connection on the upper end of the column for attaching a microphone boom or laptop rest. The column of the »SPIDER PRO« is tilted at a significant angle for easier playing and a better view of the lower keyboard. The collapsible construction of the feet offers plenty of space for pedals and optimal leg freedom.

The »SPIDER PRO« folds easily and compactly. The optional carrying case (article 18851) protects the stand and makes it easier to transport.


The »BABY SPIDER PRO« has one pair of extendable support arms, a 3/8” or 5/8” threaded connector for attaching microphone booms and a cable clamp for cable management. It also comes in aluminum anodized (article 18840-000-30) and in black anodized (article 18840-000-35). The »BABY SPIDER PRO« can be outfitted with an additional pair of support arms for a second keyboard. Carrying case 18846 is available separately for easy transport.

OPTIONAL EXTRAS Accessories (Not included) 
#1: Microphone boom
Can be used with all models with 3/8” threaded connection such as the 211/1, a classic tow-piece telescopic boom arm that can be silently adjusted and tilted.

#2: Laptop rest for »Spider Pro« »Baby Spider Pro« (model number: 18863)
The robust attachment holds your laptop securely. The stable support arms can be tilted easily and practically into four different positions from horizontal to a 25° angle. The holder can also be rotated horizontally for the optimal positioning of your notebook.

#3: Universal holder for »Spider Pro« (model number: 18873)
Thanks to the unique bracket with the quick clamp system the universal holder can be easily attached to the Spider column. The holder height adjustment is variable. The 3/8″ threaded bolt connection significantly expands the range of Spider Pro and Baby Spider Pro uses. The holder connects other accessories, such as boom arm, gooseneck, iPad holder, Tablet PC (#4) holder etc.

#5: Sheet music and concept holder (model number: 18873 + 18805)
New since April 2018: Just use the universal holder 18873 and connect the sheet 18805 to get the perfect sheet music and concept holder for »Spider Pro«.

#6: Support arm set B (model number: 18866)
Additional extendable 15° tilted support arms for the »SPIDER PRO« and »BABY SPIDER PRO« keyboard stands available in black or silver with a fastening clamp.

#7: Support arm set A (model number: 18865)
Additional extendable support arms for the »SPIDER PRO« and »BABY SPIDER PRO« keyboard stands available in black or silver with a fastening clamp.


Even more new uses for the Spider Pro:

#8 Controller keyboard tray (model number: 18876)
By placing the tray (1kg) on the upper support arms of the Spider Pro now even smaller synthesizers, controllers, drum machines etc. can be used. The integrated handle can also be used for cable management. The equipment stop with an integrated edge protective strip and the anti-slip rubber end caps provide extra hold.

Lectern desk for the »Spider Pro« (model number: 18877)
With this aluminum sturdy desk you can convert your Spider Pro keyboard stand easily into a lectern. The lectern desk is simply placed on the angled upper support arms. Side lashes attach to the desk and ensure that it does not slip. The desk is equipped with integrated edge protectors and provides enough space for two side by side DIN A4 sheets.

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