KAWAI K700 AMBER BIRCH UPRIGH PIANO extremely Limited Edition

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K700UB Limited edition 


K-700 Amber Birch

Texture and colour that fits into a modern space.

A new colour has appeared in the highest peak of the K series, K-700. Amber birch that makes the best use of the texture of wood It is a high-end model that also has a matte Amber finish and interior design.

Eternal beauty on an upright piano

A modern design that shines in the space.

It is a design born from a fusion of new ideas and high-precision assembly technology.
Square form, dynamic lines flowing in it. The K-700 is simple yet has a certain personality. Here is the beauty you meet for the first time.


Wide music stand that provides a sense of security during performance

Wide music stand that provides a sense of security during performance

The K-700 is also particular about the ease of viewing the score during performance.
A 94 cm wide music stand is available so that multiple scores and large scores can be placed.

In addition, all models are covered with artificial leather that stabilizes the score without slipping.


Brass double casters that create a sense of luxury

Brass double casters that create a sense of luxury

The gold double casters that shine on the legs of the K-700 are made of brass. It has both dignified beauty and strength to firmly support the weight of the piano.


Same playing feeling as a grand piano

Same playing feeling as a grand piano

The K-700 has a grand piano type keyboard lid. Although it is an upright piano, it has the same playing feel as a grand piano.

It is equipped with a grand piano-style music stand with a width of 94 cm, and the layout of the keyboard is close to that of a grand piano, so you can play the grand piano without any discomfort.


A safe keyboard lid for children

A safe keyboard lid for children

For example, even if a child accidentally touches the keyboard lid or the keyboard lid collapses during a performance, the soft fall system keyboard lid that closes quietly without suddenly closing is adopted for all K series models. bottom. You can use it with confidence without worrying about injury.



A mark that symbolizes the spirit of making a piano

Kawai is constantly pursuing new technologies and ideas to continue to enhance the sound, touch, design, and enjoyment of playing upright pianos. To symbolize that spirit, we designed a mark on the inside of the roof that imaged the greenery of the Ryuyo Factory, which can be said to be the sacred place for Kawai's piano making.

It is a proof that it is a piano with Japanese technology and passion.

Woodgrain exterior design that matches the modern living environment

The K-700 Amber Birch is one that perfectly matches the modern living environment with its bright brown color and the original texture of moist wood. Carefully selected birch wood is used for the exterior material, and the lumber is suppressed, and the finish that makes the best use of the beauty of the wood grain and the good touch is given.


Luxury decoration

Luxury decoration

A pedal guard plate is used for the K-700 Amber Birch. The brilliance of brass matches the exterior of the wood grain, creating a sense of luxury from your feet.


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