Hohner Chord 48 Harmonica

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Hohner Chord 48 Harmonica, model 785, 384 reeds on 48 separate reed blocks. 2 x ABS combs, hinged together. Stainles steel cover plates, overall length 58.7 cm, 1.05 mm reed plates, brass reeds. The upper��section has separate holes for Major (blow) and Dominant 7th (draw) chords in every key. The lower��section has minor (m)��chords in every key (blow) and alternating Augmented (+) and Diminished 7th (�)��chords (draw). The separation of the reed blocks allows the player to customise the layout of the instrument if so desired. The chords are voiced in root position and lie within one octave (see picture in gallery). Though each Augmented triad appers at least once, not all inversions are present. The same applies to the Diminished 7th chords. These chords are symmetrical��- i.e. Augmented chords are made up of three Major third intervals, (e.g. D+ contains the same notes as F#+ and A#+/Bb+)�� and Diminshed 7th chords are made up of four minor third intervals (e.g. C� contains the same notes as Eb�, Gb�/F#� and A�). Therefore, the chord harmonica can be used in conjunction with other orchestral harmonicas, especially the bass,��to achieve any desired chord inversion.
Tuning chart, Chord 48 Blow F#/Gb Db Ab Eb Bb F C G D A E B Upper section
Draw C#7/Db7 Ab7 Eb7 Bb7 F7 C7 G7 D7 A7 E7 B7 F#7
Chord 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Blow F#m/Gbm Dbm Abm Ebm Bbm Fm Cm Gm Dm Am Em Bm Lower section
Draw C#+/Db+ Ab� Eb+ Bb� Bb+ C� G+ D� A+ E� E+ F#�
Equivalent diminished or augmented chords: F+, A+ B�, D�, F� G+, B+ Db�, E�, G� D+, F#+ Eb�, F#�, A� B+, Eb+ B�, F�, A� C#+, F+ Db�, G�, Bb� G#+, C+ Eb�, �� A�, C�
The simplest form��of each diminished 7th (�) and Augmented (+) chord are shown here. Because they are symmetrical chords, there are only 3 possible combinations of notes for the dimished 7th chords and four possible combinations for the augmented chords.
C# E# G## is the other way of spelling the C# Augmented triad, and is technically more correct, but it's easier to think about F and A instead of E# and G##. Similarly Ab Cb Ebb Gbb is a more technically correct way of spelling the Ab� chord, but it's easier thought of as Ab B D F�� (and G# B D F is even better).
On the note layout diagram, quoted from Hohner's website, a large number of the chords are spelt using a mixture of sharps and flats. Though this is not the usually desirable way of indicating those notes as it is a bit confusing, we have used this image in the abscence of any other being available. Please also note that the Hohner diagram uses a minus sign (-) to indicate diminished 7th chords. Since this symbol is also often used to indicate minor chords, we have used the circle (�) as the simplest way to indicate diminished 7th chords (sometimes also indicated by �7), thereby hopefully avoiding confusion.
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