Casio Wk7600 Keyboard

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Casio WK-7600

Tone Editor

Not only are there 820 high quality preset tones on board, but the WK7600 also features a tone editor. The attack time, release time, cutoff, vibrato, reverb/chorus, DSP and other parameters of a built-in tone can be adjusted and edited and saved into one of the 100 available User Tones. Also included are some of the best tones from the XW Synth range.

Multiple Digital Effects

Built in effects include reverb (10 types) chorus (5 types) and DSP (100 preset, 100 user) utilizing 46 DSP* types including delay, phaser, flanger, wah, rotary and more. By adjusting the parameters of the DSP effects you can create up to 100 of your own effects. Also included are 5 preset EQ settings. *DSP and chorus cannot be used simultaneously.

Drawbar Organ

The WK-7600 comes with 50 specially selected preset drawbar organ tones, plus the nine sliders can be used to change harmonic overtone level settings to create your own. A rotary speaker is simulated using the built in DSP, with the speed controllable from a dedicated rotary button.

 Song Sequencer

17-track song sequencer (16 tracks + 1 system track) acts as a multi-track recorder, so you can use it for real time recording of your keyboard play. 17 tracks mean that you can perform multi-track recording to layer multiple tones to compose your own songs. Powerful editing options include copy, paste, quantize, event edit and more. Completed recordings can be converted to SMF (Standard MIDI File) format and stored to an SD memory card, or backed up onto a computer.

 32-Channel Mixer

The nine sliders can be used for individual simultaneous adjustment of volume, pan, reverb send and other parameters for each track.

 Audio Recording / MIC IN & INST IN

Normal keyboard play, auto accompaniement, song sequencer playback, a microphone and even an external instrument such as a guitar can be recorded to an SD memory card as audio. (.WAV format) While playing back a song you created with the song sequencer, you can play along with a guitar or add a vocal track with a microphone. You can even apply the built-in DSP effects to the external instrument. Audio playback is also possible via SD card. (.wav)

 Pattern Sequencer

Up to eight tracks (drum, percussion, bass, chord 1 through chord 5) can be edited to create original accompaniment patterns. The Easy Edit function lets you combine accompaniment patterns from multiple built-in rhythms to create an original rhythm, and the mixer capability gives you control over the tones, volume levels, pan, reverb and other parameters of each part. A full selection of editing tools include event insert, event delete, event copy, quantize and more. Up to 100 user rhythms can be stored in the keyboard memory.

 Music Preset

Music presets provide one-touch access to auto accompaniment, tone, reverb and other settings that are configured in accordance with representative chord progressions. A total of 305 presets let you easily configure the keyboard for a wide variety of different musical styles. In addition to built-in presets, you can create your own original presets (user presets) and store them in memory for later recall.

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