Casio Mz-X500 61-Key Music Workstation

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Casio MZ-X500

Perform. Create. Inspire. The MZ-X Series is the genuine evolutionary successor to Casio's legendary MZ-2000 Series keyboards. This new flagship model of the CASIO keyboard lineup has given the arranger keyboard a bright new future.


A 3D cockpit design with the speaker and console facing the player has been adopted. This configuration establishes a natural 3D sound field space, while at the same time facilitating performance with the pads and improving the visibility of the colour touch LCD.

Professional Sound Quality

Over 1,100 high-quality built-in tones support professional level performances in virtually any musical genre. A compilation of Versatile Tones is also available to reproduce realistic guitar harmonics, bass glissando and other tonal variations characteristic of stringed instrument fingering. A Tone Edit function supports intuitive sound production with simple knob operation. Users can draw on a selection of 20 effects to transform sounds dramatically.

Virtual Tone Wheel Organ

CASIO's refined digital technologies faithfully reproduce the old mechanical tone wheel organ sounds that are popular among rock and jazz fans. Not only the tremors of the organ's rotary speakers, but even its leakage noise, are accurately replicated. The devotion to duplicating the deep, heavy resonance of the traditional tone wheel organ has generated a rich supply of flavourful sounds.

Hex Layer and Synth

The built-in Hex Layer sound engine overlays up to six different tones to produce polyphonic sound that contributes to powerful musical expression, all within 1 of the 4 available zones of the keyboard. A Bass Synth function that generates monophonic sound and portamento reminiscent of traditional analog synthesizers is also built in.

Tone Editor

A Tone Edit function supports intuitive sound production with simple knob operation. Users can draw on a selection of 20 effects to transform sounds dramatically.

Versitile Accompaniment System

The vastly expanded accompaniment system allows ultimate flexibility for performing and re-mixing on the fly. With 4x variations, 4x fills, 2x Intro, 2x Outro, Sync Start/Stop, Auto fills, Break function and auto Fade In/Out for each rhythm pattern - the possibilities are endless. On board are also 37 chord type variations.

Powerful Rhythms

The traditional rhythms of Latin, European, Middle Eastern, Asian and other cultures around the world are incorporated along with such enduring favourites as rock, jazz and pop rhythms. Players can also set automatic accompaniment functions such as Auto Fill-in, Break, Intro/Ending and Synchro Start/Stop to produce their envisioned performances to perfection. The system's ability to handle tension chords as well makes it easy for players to incorporate technical arrangements into their performances.

Pattern Sequencer

The Pattern Sequencer permits users to set and save original back-up styles. Besides providing accompaniment for solo instrumental and vocal performances, it serves as a second member of the band to manage guitar, drum, strings or other parts. The Pattern Converter can also convert SMF MIDI Files to rhythm data, to be then imported into the MZ-X Keyboard.

16 Multi Pads

16 Blue LED touch-sensitive pads are incorporated to create new performance possibilities.


High-quality sampling is enabled at 44.1 kHz via the LINE IN or MIC IN terminal. Users can assign sounds to the pads as audio samples. Various percussion sounds have been sampled and built in as pad tone presets, and the 16 touch-response pads can be used to add percussion arrangements to keyboard performances.


Players can use the touch-response pads to trigger original preset phrases or any of the numerous built-in phrases suited to various musical genres into performances. When chords are specified in the Auto Accompaniment Mode, phrases will follow the key and chords, deepening the music's expressive power. An original CASIO articulation function permits modification of sound production nuances during performances.


Chord progressions can be preset for automatic accompaniment. Chords can also be assigned to the 16 pads according to a song's progression. The ability to modify chords simply by pressing a pad lets players devote both hands to the melody.


The pad's sound and accompaniment rhythm playback timing can be synchronized.


Sampling, Phrase and Chord can be used simultaneously on the same pad set. Pad settings are arranged to match the selected tone.

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