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Sound ~ AiR Grand

Three pianos loved over time. Feel the tone as you wish.

There are three pianos that have continued to shine from birth to today in the history of piano. Born in Berlin, Hamburg and Vienna, they have been active in numerous concerts and recordings with renowned composers and pianists. Many of the piano songs that have been popular since ancient times were born from these three pianos. 
Casio thoroughly researched and analyzed the nature and personality of historical pianos loved around the world, and expressed them as three tones. Play the piano sound loved by Liszt and Debussy as you like with the CELVIANO Grand Hybrid.


An elegant sound with a clear outline and calmness. Transparent sound and reverberation provide a light and colorful melody. Suitable for playing impressionist music.

Hamburg-Hamburg Grand-

A gorgeous sound with powerful and powerful string resonance. It has a wide range of expression and is loved by many pianists. Matches any performance or genre.


It is characterized by powerful low-frequency strings and soft and beautiful hits. A profound and calm sound with rich expressive power. Suitable for playing classical music.

Collaboration with C. Bechstein who gave birth to the gem “Berlin Grand”.

One of the sounds of CELVIANO Grand Hybrid, the “Berlin Grand” sound, was born from the joint development of Casio and C. Bechstein. Casio analyzed C. Bechstein's highest peak Meister piece “D282” model to create a clear and elegant sound and sound with a clear outline. Albrecht, who is responsible for the company's piano development, was invited to the Hamura Technical Center, Casio Computer Co., Ltd. to complete the final adjustment.

C. Bechstein

“Piano music should be written only for Bechstein”. The piano that Claude Debussy told C. Bechstein. Its history began in 1853 in Berlin, Germany, by the founder Karl Bechstein. Beautiful and fresh transparency, touch of a keyboard that feels like silk, magnificent dynamic expression, and softness like an angel's voice. The gem tone has been loved by people all over the world.

In addition to improving the expansion of sounds and the sound of chords, it also enhances the delicate expressiveness of the soft hits that are important for piano performance. 
It leads to a supreme sound with a relaxed and beautiful sound and high expressive power. 
[AiR Grand sound source]

The three pianos adopted by CELVIANO Grand Hybrid have different characteristics in tone and reverberation, and the return of sound when you play the keyboard. 
Casio was particular about the sound, sound, and high expressiveness of the three different grand pianos. Multi-dimensional morphing technology is used to express the change in timbre depending on the strength of the keystrokes and the duration of the sound in a smooth and wide range. By making the change in sound over time from pronunciation to silence smoother and more natural, the sound stretch and the beauty of harmony are further improved. In addition, we have improved the expressive power of weak hits, which was previously difficult for digital pianos, and achieved a rich and natural expression from ppp to fff . By tuning this technology to obtain timbre changes suitable for each of the three pianos, it is now possible to express the nuances of delicate touches as desired by the player. Also, a piano that uses a lot of natural materials and is susceptible to changes in temperature and humidity may be described as “living”, so regular maintenance is required to maintain quality. In particular, a full concert grand can't get rich resonance unless all strings are kept in perfect balance. If you don't tune even a string that the hammer doesn't hit directly, it's so delicate that you can hear the noise instead of resonance. With CELVIANO Grand Hybrid, you can always get rich string resonance of full concert ground with the string resonance system, and various string resonances that occur when using a damper pedal give a sound that fits each of the 88 keys. Allows for a natural and comfortable performance. 
The AiR Grand sound source of CELVIANO Grand Hybrid that includes these two technologies is not only pursuing a good sound but also creating a sound to lead the player to the supreme playing comfort.

  •  AiR = Acoustic & Intelligent Resonator

Realizing natural timbre changes that respond to the player's sensibility [Multi-dimensional morphing]

“Multi-dimensional morphing” is a technology that changes the sound waveform smoothly so that the tone changes depending on how and when the grand piano is played. By finely controlling the dynamics of keystrokes and changes over time, you can express the player's sensibility from gentle and delicate ppp (pianissimo) to powerful fff ( fortississimo ).

Controlling various resonances to create a rich and deep sound [String resonance system]

The sound of the grand piano creates a rich and beautiful sound through various resonances. The string resonance system thoroughly pursues the string resonance of the grand piano by controlling the amount and combination of resonances according to the playing situation. Specifically, “String Resonance” expresses the sound produced when different strings resonate when you play the keyboard. “Damper Resonance” that represents string resonance when the damper is released by the pedal. In addition, GP-510BP also has a special resonance sound called “Alicoat Resonance” and “Open String Resonance” that always resonates without being affected by dampers, realizing a richer and deeper sound.

Expressing different timings of sound in the range [Hammer Response]

Grand pianos differ in the size of the hammer that strikes the strings for each range. For this reason, even if you play the keyboard with the same strength, the timing of sound generation will differ slightly depending on the range. The CELVIANO Grand Hybrid keyboard system thoroughly pursues the difference in pronunciation timing that differs for each such range. In addition, we carefully simulate the differences in pronunciation timing depending on the playing strength.

Represents the nuance of the sound when the key is released [Key-off simulator]

A grand piano that changes the length and expression of the reverberation of the sound depending on how quickly you release your finger from the keyboard. The AiR Grand sound source pursues the nuances of the sound when such keys are released. You can also express the delicate sensibility transmitted from the player's fingers.

Also expresses structural characteristic sounds [Mechanical sound system]

For example, when you release the keyboard, the grand piano emits a mechanical sound along with the structure so that you can hear the damper and other mechanisms returning to their original positions. "Damper noise", "Pedal action noise", "Key on action noise" and "Key off action noise". By incorporating even these mechanical sounds, we are pursuing an acoustic sound.

Refined the effect on the low-pitched sound, providing a wide range of expressiveness and presence [Grand Pedal System]

Analyzes the operation of the damper pedal to enable the expressiveness of a grand piano. By reproducing the operation start position and the amount of effect applied to the amount of depression, the operability and response to the grand piano have been realized. There is also a half-pedal position that allows you to adjust the stepping position where the effect starts depending on the player's preference. In addition, the volume and timbre changes caused by the soft pedal are reproduced more naturally, expanding the range of performance expression with weak sounds. In order to give you a sense of realism when playing the grand piano, the “pedal action noise” function that reproduces the slight sound produced by the pedal mechanism, such as the mechanism sound that causes the keyboard to move sideways with the soft pedal, is also included.

Playback with quality approaching the original sound [Lossless audio compression]

Digital pianos usually record sound waveform data compressed into internal memory. When it is pronounced, it is stretched again to play the piano sound. For this reason, the playback sound is inevitably degraded from the original sound, as is the case with compressed audio such as MP3. The AiR Grand sound source uses “Lossless Audio Compression” (reversible compression/decompression method), an advanced compression technology. As a result, three grand piano sounds can be played without degrading the quality of the original sound waveform, and you can enjoy playing with piano sounds approaching acoustics.


A natural, deep and expansive three-dimensional sound that studied the sound of a grand piano sound.

The sound of the grand piano, including the full concert grand, spreads up and down from the soundboard. The Grand Acoustic System was developed based on this principle. By devising the location of the six speakers and the way of the sound, the sound that can be heard from the top spreads from the top, and the sound that can be heard from the bottom spreads from the bottom, realizing the same sound like a grand piano. By improving the sound of the low range, it produces a rich and dynamic sound like a full concert grand piano in all ranges from low to high. In addition, the sound is diffused through a keyboard mechanism that is installed in the main unit without any gaps, creating a rich sound space. 
As a function that allows you to feel this sound close to you, you can enjoy the “players position” where you can sit and play in front of the grand piano, and enjoy the effect of listening to your performance from the audience. "Position", "Hall Simulator" that can produce the feeling of playing in a special place such as a famous concert hall. CELVIANO Grand Hybrid is proud of the three-dimensional expansion, expansion, and depth of sound that it boasts.

Improve the reproducibility of bass and create a more three-dimensional sound space [Grand Acoustic System]

Thorough simulation of grand piano structure and sound expansion. In order to obtain the sound of a grand piano that spreads from the soundboard up, down, left, and right, a total of six speakers are arranged, two main speakers up, two main speakers down, and two tweeters aimed at the performer. Above all, I was particular about the rich volume of the main speaker facing down. This completes the natural sound unique to CELVIANO Grand Hybrid, which dynamically expresses a profound sense of bass to glittering mid-high. In addition, by utilizing the sound reflected from the top board and the sound heard through the keyboard mechanism, we have realized a realistic sound that surrounds the performer.

Expanding sound by opening and closing the large roof [Top plate opening and closing structure & lid simulator]

The grand piano changes the volume and sound quality by opening and closing the large roof. The CELVIANO Grand Hybrid can be played with a rich and expansive sound just like when you open the grand piano roof, thanks to the structure that allows you to open and close the top. The sound generator is also equipped with a lid simulator that digitally simulates the timbre changes associated with the amount of opening and closing of the large roof. By selecting the opening/closing amount, you can enjoy your favourite piano sound.

  •  The lid simulator setting value does not change even if the top panel of the main body is opened or closed.

Experience the acoustic characteristics of famous halls in 4 positions [Hall Simulator]

Simulates the acoustic characteristics of world-famous concert halls, such as transparent and neat sounds, and extended and gorgeous sounds. With advanced digital signal processing technology, the hall simulator that can enjoy the sound full of presence is further evolved and installed. 12 types of hall simulators are prepared, and each of them can be simulated in 4 positions, “Players position” and “Listeners position (3 types)”. For example, how do you hear the sound when playing on a large hall stage? You can also see how the performance is heard from the audience.

Hall simulator list


Comfortable performance at low volume [Volume Sync Equalizer]

The volume sync equalizer is useful when playing at home or at night, etc. In general, lowering the volume will make it difficult to hear low and high frequencies. Volume sink equalizer automatically corrects bass and treble when the volume is reduced. Regardless of the volume, you can play comfortably with balanced sound in all ranges. This function is activated when the volume knob is lower than the centre.

Natural sound expansion [Headphone mode]

Headphone mode automatically corrects sound quality when using headphones. By reproducing the more natural way of spreading the sound that reaches your ears while playing an acoustic piano, you can enjoy a comfortable performance.

Touch ~ Keyboard

"Wooden" keyboard and unique action mechanism faithfully represent the creativity of your fingertips.

[Natural Grand Hammer Action Keyboard]

Gain the expressive power and response of a grand piano, so that the delicate touch of the player can be used as it is. To that end, CELVIANO Grand Hybrid uses a wooden keyboard. A high-quality Austrian spruce material that has been dried and processed in the same way as a grand piano, and is formed as a keyboard. Casio has also developed an action mechanism that has the same mechanical structure as the action mechanism that turns the pressed keyboard into sound. The fusion of this wooden keyboard and the original action mechanism makes it possible to convey the change in energy when the key is pressed, that is, the nuances of the fingertips. Furthermore, the surface of the keyboard is finished using the same material as that of the grand piano, so that it fits nicely with your fingers and is non-slip and does not feel tired. With these features, we have achieved performance that allows you to manipulate trills and beats, instant movements and fast passages at will, delicate colouring with pianissimo, and expressive power that makes various touches sound.



Grand Hybrid GP-510

The world's finest hybrid pianos are now even better. Introducing the new Celviano Grand Hybrid GP-510 Piano.

The GP-510 is the Perfect Combination of Innovation and Tradition. From the moment your hands touch the keys, the GP-510 Grand Hybrid delivers the authenticity your performance demands. The revolutionary Natural Grand Hammer Action keyboard is made with full-length wooden concert grand piano keys, using the same materials and processes as the C. Bechstein concert grand pianos. A keypress sends a hammer along the same vertical path as a grand piano, with the same essential weighting and pivot points, resulting in a true and uncompromising piano touch.



The Perfect Combination of Innovation and Tradition.

Since 1980, Casio has been creating musical instruments using constantlyevolving technology. Today, players of all levels enjoy Casio instruments at home, on stage, and in the studio.

For over 300 years, the piano has been embraced around the world as a vehicle for artistic expression. Its design has evolved through time, but the fundamental structure is still true to tradition.



Authenticity Begins at the First Touch.

From the moment your hands touch the keys, the Grand Hybrid delivers the authenticity your performance demands. The revolutionary new Natural Grand Hammer Action keyboard is made with full-length wooden concert grand piano keys, using the same materials and processes as the C. Bechstein concert grand pianos. A keypress sends a hammer along the same vertical path as a grand piano, with the same essential weighting and pivot points, resulting in a true and uncompromising piano touch.

The GP-510 features a newly-enhanced touch response algorithm that allows for an even more accurate response. Players will feel enhanced controllability with a softer touch, enabling flawless expression of the most subtle of performances.



Three Legendary Grand Pianos

Casio’s AiR Grand Sound Source provides not just one, but three of the world’s finest grand pianos. Dubbed the Berlin, Hamburg, and Vienna Grands, each one is the result of countless hours of precise analysis and study of their unique characteristics. They are faithful and expressive recreations of these distinctive pianos. with the Berlin Grand sound having been developed in collaboration with C. Bechstein. String/damper resonance, mechanical sounds, and other subtle nuances complete the experience of owning three of the finest pianos on Earth.

The GP-510 enhances the sound of these sought-after instruments with longer, more natural decay than its predecessor, ensuring each sustained note tells as complete a story as you intend.
Air Grand logo



Grand Acoustic System

Our hearing goes beyond simply left and right, and we can detect the origin of sound in all directions. Using an exclusive six-speaker amplification system, the new Grand Acoustic System reproduces the three-dimensional sound field generated by an acoustic grand. The top speakers present sounds normally heard rising upwards, and the downward-facing speakers present sounds heard from below the soundboard. This simulation fills the room with rich, complex sound, reaching both the performer and the audience.

The GP-510’s speaker system has become even more powerful than its predecessor, with larger drivers making even more effective use of the powerful built-in amplifiers.



Under The Lid

The newly-enhanced speaker system reproduces deeper, richer bass tones while enhancing the clarity of midrange and treble frequencies. When the volume is adjusted, each speaker is automatically optimized to strike the perfect balance you'd expect from a meticulously maintained grand piano.

New equalization options allow greater flexibility for recording and large scale performance. Now, you can choose to either maintain the pure sound of the six-speaker Grand Acoustic System when connecting to the line outputs or headphone outputs, or to hear the sound from the speakers exactly as it's being delivered to the line outputs - Minus the equalization that optimizes the sound for the Grand Acoustic System. You can also choose to disable the speaker system entirely, even without headphones connected. This solution is ideal for music labs or other educational settings, where the line outputs are used to connect to student headphone interfaces.



A Soft Spot

The all-important soft pedal is essential for accurate dynamics, not only in volume, but in tone. The new GP-510 improves the effect of the soft pedal by adjusting the changes in both volume and tonal color based on the strength you use to strike the keys while the pedal is pressed.




A newly-enhanced harpsichord Tone has been added, including the distinctive "key-off" sound that occurs when lifting your fingers from the keys.

Striking a Balance

A longtime favorite feature for classical players, Concert Play gives you a starring role playing with a symphony orchestra. Now, you can fine-tune the volume of your piano part, ensuring you are right where you want to be in the mix. This adjustment is also available while playing along with the built-in Song library.



Seeing Is Believing

The high-contrast display on your Grand Hybrid features an inverted color scheme, allowing for easier reading from further distances and wider angles. The overall brightness is now focused on the text, leaving the rest of the display darker so you can focus on your performance.



Set the Scene

The GP-510’s innovative Scene feature lets you save and recall a snapshot of many important settings including Tone selection, split/layer, Concert Hall, effects and more. Many preset Scenes are included. For example, select the “Debussy” Scene and you’ll be presented with his favorite piano, with appropriate resonance settings, placed in a venue where his music might be best

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