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Bogner Alchemist Combo Guitar AMP 2 x 12 Celestions

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1x Bogner

MODEL Alchemist 212 



CONTROLS (Channel 1) Gain, Treble, Middle, Bass, Volume; Clean/ Crunch, Bright, and Deep switches. (Channel 2) Gain, Treble, Middle, Bass, Volume; Punch, Bright, Mid Shift switches. Global Boost switch, channel select switch, Delay level and repeats controls, Delay type switch (analog, ducking, tape), tap tempo button, Reverb level control with plate/spring/hall switch. Variable wattage power switch. Rear panel: Dual 4Ω and one 8Ω speaker jacks, send and return jacks with level control 

TUBES Two 6L6GC power tubes, five 12AX7s 

POWER Selectable, 40 watts/20 watts 

SPEAKER 12" Celestion G12H and G12M 

EXTRAS Four-button footswitch included 

WEIGHT 72 lbs 

Alchemist 212 is more than sufficient for stage use and would be fine in a small club environment even without any help from a P.A. The open-back cabinet broadens the sound, enabling you to run the amp harder without killing the room, and the dissimilar 12s (one of them is Hendrix's Favored Greenback!) 2 X Celestion Speakers (70th Anniversary and Greenback)

Footswitch included provide nice sonic complexity at all levels,Strong clean and overdriven tones. Excellent flexibility. 

Well implemented DSP effects. The Punch switch toggles between Fender- and British-style response curves—the latter being very useful for high-gain tones— while the Mid Shift switch is handy for when you want to eviscerate the mids. The Bright switch sharpens the edge for more aggressive sounds and/or to bring out more crispness and detail with humbuckers.

All in all, the Alchemist is quite an amp. As possibly the most flexible combo in Bogner’s history

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SKU (Musipos ID) Bogner
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