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guitar amp

  1. October 18, 2013

    New Roland CUBE GX Guitar Amps


    The latest award winning range of Roland CUBE GX Amps are Ready to rip at Carlingford Music Centre now.

    CUBE-20GX: Guitar Amplifier

     Pro COSM® Tones and i-CUBE LINK

    Suggested Selling Price: $299.00

    Building on the top-level tone and rock-solid reliability that’s made the CUBE name famous, the all-new CUBE-GX series turns up the heat with even more versatile operation and co

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  2. July 20, 2013

    VHT Classic 18 - 18 Watt Tube-driven amp

    VHT Classic 18 Combo Amp

    This amp is one of the most responsive guitar valve amps

    you will play for under $1000!!!

    It is a class AB vintage style single channel amp with a celestion 12 inch greenback speaker.With just a turn of your  volume control, you can go from sparkling clean to that gnarly bluesy break up and be thinking your at the "crossroads". Turn it up a bit more and you've got that gritty classic rock thang which is about to bite someone's face off!!!

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  3. June 06, 2013

    End of Financial Year Musical Savings

    Carlingford Music Centre
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